Finn learns a breaking news about Sheila’s release from Judge Evans | Bold and Beautiful Spoilers

This week, we saw a return of a familiar face, that is Judge Evans,

the person that gave Sheila the freedom, and he is keeping a huge secret.

The fact is, Judge Evans and Deacon are best friends, and he returned to visit his friend Deacon,

but their conversation leads to something more.

Deacon did something to help Sheila free, and his friend Evans could do that for him, this is a shocking secret that could change anything.

Sheila was shocked when she learned about that, Deacon helped her out of jail, and she is very appreciate that.

But this could be a chance for Finn if he finds out this secret, he could send his birth mom back to jail.

Finn is very angry when Sheila appears in his life again and now he is living away from his wife and the kids.

So he is desperately finding a way to get rid of this woman, so that he could save his marriage, and take back the kids.

But Sheila won’t give up on the relationship with her son easily like that, so Finn needs to find another way.

Spoilers say that Finn and Judge Evans will suddenly meet each other, and looks like the secret is about to explode.

Finn will be shocked with this news, but he will take this chance and push Sheila back in jail again.

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