FACE OFF Coronation Street killer Joel Deering confronted by new victim as she realises horrifying truth

CORONATION Street killer Joel Deering is set to be completely derailed in his plans.

The villain will come face to face with his new victim as she will realise the horrifying truth behind his personality.

Solicitor Joel (Calum Lill) previously proposed to his girlfriend Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown).

However, he was reluctant to announce their engagement to his parents, despite her urging.

In upcoming scenes, Joel and Dee-Dee’s father Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) meet up with his parents Anthea and Gus in the bistro.His parents are taken aback after the news of their engagement is finally revealed

Anthea apologises to the duo for her previous behaviour which will leave Dee-Dee pleasantly surprised.

However, long-time Coronation Street blabbermouth Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) works in the bistro as a server.

Unfortunately for Joel, she lets slip that the pair have indeed promised to tie the knot.

Anthea and Gus will be completely taken aback as they reel from the news.

But Joel might have bigger things to worry about due to Sabrina’s friend.

Joel previously encountered a vulnerable Sabrina (Luana Santos) last week outside the police station.

She was in a distressed state after her brother was arrested as the villain set his eyes on his next victim.

However, her mate catches onto the bad vibes and thinks that he seems creepy.

Sabrina’s pal will warn her to stay far away from him and Sabrina will come to realise just how naive she’s been in her communication.

Dee-Dee continues to be left in the dark as she prepares for the duo’s lunch to celebrate their engagement.

However, Joel will then receive a call directly from Sabrina’s friend, for which he has to take secretively.

Her pal demands to meet the killer, and warns that he will regret his actions if they don’t meet.

But the question, what do they want?

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