Exclusive: Casualty star Elinor Lawless addresses Stevie Nash’s future

Exclusive: Casualty star Elinor Lawless addresses Stevie Nash’s future
Casualty star Elinor Lawless has addressed Stevie Nash’s future on the show after last night’s game-changing episode (March 16).

Stevie was left questioning if the ED was the right place for her anymore, in the wake of Charlie’s devastating stabbing.

Viewers have seen Stevie face a difficult time of late, which all began following Ryan’s own attack at the hospital earlier in the year.

stevie, casualty

stevie, casualty


Feeling like she no longer trusted herself as a doctor, Stevie told her best friend Faith that she was leaving.

However, she later regained her confidence in time to save Charlie’s life, allowing him to have a much happier send-off.

charlie fairhead, casualty

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy about whether this outcome will change things for Stevie, Elinor – who plays her – said: “Yes, I think it will.

“Charlie, for Stevie, is a sage, and he’s the ED. He’s wisdom. I think it ends up being make-or-break moment for for both of them.”

“For Stevie, work is her world and she has watched herself almost torch this world that was once her safe place.

“She’s watched her safe place become a potentially dangerous place to be. She doesn’t feel safe and she doesn’t feel competent and I think the impulse that she had to walk away was real. Definitely.”

stevie, casualty

Praising Charlie’s exit story, which saw him decide to retire from the ED after 38 years, Elinor said: “I think he did get the right exit.

“What I think is amazing is that it’s not only captured Charlie’s origin story and where he’s got to, but it’s captured the time in which Casualty’s inception took place. You get a real sense of Charlie’s whole timeline through this and I think it was beautifully executed.

“I’ve spoken to Derek [Thompson, who plays Charlie] as well and he’s been very, very pleased with it.”

“It is something that Derek really wanted to show over the course of that arc we’ve just seen. He really wanted to show how Charlie’s work has changed for him and how the nature of the workplace has changed for him,” she added.

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