Evil Nish gets the deadly shock of his life in EastEnders as a couple is hit with a stunning truth

There are more family tensions bubbling to the surface in EastEnders next week, with Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry), along with Ravi Gulati (Aaron Gulati) and Priya Nandra Hart (Sophie Khan Levy) facing a terrifying hospital dash.

And there are more divisions forming in the Mitchell family, despite things seemingly improving between Phil (Steve McFadden) and Teddy (Roland Manookian)

Why? Because the latter seems to have set his sights on Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) – which would prove controversial indeed…

Monday July 1
The teens are getting ready for the boxing tournament when Tommy teases Nugget, who flies off the handle at him.


Zack and Ravi pull them apart, as Denzel tells Nugget to calm down before people get suss about the steroids.

Convinced they are on something, Zack puts up a ‘drugs test’ sign and Denzel freaks out, unaware it’s just a deterrent. Elsewhere, Priya has been ordering things on Suki’s credit card without asking and Avani warns her not to compromise their situation through foolishness.

Priya rashly decides to make Nish an offer to secure her family’s future.

When Denzel is a no-show, Nugget goes looking for him but falls ill so heads to No.41 for help. Inside, oblivious Priya and Nish are finalising their ‘deal’ he slumps down onto the pavement.

At The Vic, Billy tells the Mitchells about the appointment he and Honey had at the school about Will and how Kevin used his legal skills to put the blame on Will, not Kyle. Phil offers to help, while Teddy suggests a more careful approach.

Stevie implores Teddy to stop threatening Phil’s position at the head of the family, so Teddy invites Phil to have a darts match. When Phil suggests higher stakes for a rematch, Teddy can’t resist another round.

Harvey and Jean are set for a romantic evening when Maya messages him. Making an excuse, Harvey meets Maya, who reveals she’s selling her home to pay her debts.

Freddie sees them and tells Jean, who fears he’s cheating. After Maya leaves, Harvey realises she’s dropped a letter addressed to her and sees the address isn’t the area of London where she told him she lived. Harvey knocks but when he hears a crash, he rushes in and comes face-to-face with a distressed man.

Tuesday July 2
Avani bursts in to say Nugget’s collapsed. At the hospital, Ravi and Priya are inconsolable.

Meanwhile, Denzel heads to the tournament after a pep talk from Yolande and wins his match. Back in the waiting room, Dr Miller tells Nugget’s family that his kidneys aren’t working properly and asks if he’s been taking drugs, which they refute.EastEnders picture shows Sharon, Nish and Phil

But Ravi takes Dr Miller aside to share Zack’s suspicions about steroids. Ravi and Priya start arguing about their parenting failures but end up leaning on each other for support. However, Priya is shocked when Dr Miller comes returns to say that Ravi was right – Nugget has been taking steroids.

Maya and Harvey have tense chat in McKlunky’s in EastEnders
At No.18, Billy takes Teddy’s advice on how to handle Will, leading to an emotional moment between father and son.

Returning to The Vic, Billy thanks Teddy, who makes a big show of deferring to Phil as the head of the family. Later, Phil suggests a lock-in for the Mitchells at The Boxing Den so they can bond. Phil and Teddy warm to each other, leaving Billy perturbed by their newfound friendship.

Wednesday July 3
Nugget regains consciousness, but Priya and Ravi are devastated when the doctors say his kidneys are not responding and he may need long-term dialysis. The pressure mounts as his parents, then the police, press Nugget to tell them who supplied the drugs, but he won’t say.

When alone with Priya, Nish reminds her of their arrangement. Back in Albert Square, Denzel is horrified to hear what’s happened to Nugget and starts to panic. Howie goes looking for his son, so Denzel hides at The Boxing Den to avoid him but Zack finds him.

Priya sits at Nugget’s side in EastEnders
Phil and Teddy get on the wrong side of Sharon by leaving the gym in a state after a Mitchell drinking session. Later, Teddy tries to win Sharon round by inviting her for a drink and laying on the charm.

Jean thinks Harvey is about to confess that he’s cheated on her with Maya when he stuns her with the truth.

Thursday July 4
Teddy and Sharon have a flirty drink, raising eyebrows from Stevie, who doesn’t think his son should mess with Phil’s ex. When Teddy tries to convince Sharon to stay for another drink, she playfully rebuts him and heads off.

Jean tries to convince Harvey that what he plans to do is wrong for all concerned.

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