Eric’s shocking confession will change the Forrester family forever | Bold and Beautiful Spoilers

In The Bold and The Beautiful, Katie and Donna, the Logan sisters, are standing up for Eric.

They’re on Team Eric, while their sister Brooke supports Ridge.

Eric’s been having trouble with one of his hands, and RJ Forrester has been helping him design.

Ridge thinks Eric should retire, but he doesn’t know about the hand problem. This has led to arguments between Ridge and Eric.

It all started over a broken stapler that Ridge replaced, thinking he was helping. Now, it’s turned into a family fight.

Eric wants to keep running the fashion house he built. Ridge wants to take it over.

Brooke thinks the next generation should lead, and Eric should retire while he’s still doing well. She respects Eric’s legacy in fashion.

Katie and Donna are firmly on Eric’s side. Katie believes Eric shouldn’t be pushed aside. She thinks Ridge and Eric should find a way to work together.

This difference of opinion is causing tension between Katie and Brooke, with Donna siding with Katie and Eric.

But spoilers say that Eric will make a shocking confession about his real problem, maybe he has a serious health issue.

And this confession will change the Forrester family forever, because Eric’s career is coming to an end this time.

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