Eric lies about arthritis pain, he is keeping a huge secret | The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers

Eric Forrester ( John McCook ) said he has arthritis, a condition that makes joints hurt.

He told his grandson, RJ Forrester ( Joshua Hoffman ), that he needed help designing clothes because of it.

But, later, Eric played the piano, which seemed strange.

Some people think Eric might not be telling the truth about having arthritis. They wonder if he’s pretending to have it to get RJ interested in designing clothes.

Eric has always wanted RJ to be a designer like him and his dad, Ridge Forrester ( Thorsten Kaye ).

RJ used to be a social media influencer, but Eric and Ridge wanted him to be a designer. They tried to convince him many times.

Eric even said he had arthritis to make RJ help him design clothes.

But Eric’s actions seemed odd. He talked about his legacy, which means what he leaves behind when he’s gone.

It seemed like he was getting ready to retire. He also argued with Ridge a lot.

RJ is talented, like his family. Eric and Ridge thought he could be a great designer if he tried. But RJ didn’t seem interested.

So, some people think Eric might be pretending to have arthritis to make RJ want to be a designer.

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