Eric is shocked when he finds out Luna’s mother, blood relation revealed | Bold and the Beautiful

Eric felt a strange connection with Luna when they first met.

Luna is a new worker at Forrester Creations and she’s helping Eric with his fashion project.

This project is a big secret, so only a few people know about it.

Apart from Donna and RJ, who are Eric’s family, Luna is the only other person involved. Luna is doing a great job with the project. She’s passionate and sincere, which makes Eric more interested.

One day, Eric saw an old photo in Luna’s things. He didn’t mean to snoop, but the drawer was still open. He realized the woman in the photo was Ridge’s ex-lover.

Eric knows Ridge has had many loves, so he didn’t get involved. But he figured the woman in the photo must be really important to Luna. He guessed it was Luna’s mother.

Eric decided to ask Luna about it. He wanted to know if the woman was really her mother. Luna confirmed it, and said her father passed away before she was born.

She grew up with her mom and never really knew her dad. Luna never thought much about it, assuming her mom was just too sad to talk about him.

This got Eric thinking. He wondered if Luna might be Ridge’s child. Maybe her mom was trying to keep it a secret. So, Eric decided to do a DNA test.

Ridge and Luna gave samples, and the results were shocking. Luna is actually Ridge’s daughter. This is a big deal, and it’s going to affect a lot of people.

Eric now has to decide if he wants to reveal this truth or keep it hidden. It’s a tough choice.

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