ENDERS ERROR EastEnders fans spot soap blunder as Reiss gives eulogy at Keanu’s funeral

EASTENDERS fans have spotted a soap blunded after Reiss Colwell gave a eulogy at Keanu Taylor’s funeral.

Viewers of the BBC show watched the residents of Walford say goodbye to the mechanic on Friday night.

EastEnders fans all said the same thing about Reiss on Friday night

Keanu was murdered on Christmas Day last year when he was stabbed with a meat thermometer by Linda Carter.

His death was teased in a flash forward episode in February.

During Friday evening’s instalment of EastEnders, Reiss got up and spoke some words at Keanu’s funeral.

But fans were confused about him doing it as they didn’t realise they were that close.

One said on X, formerly known as Twitter: “Tbf we didnt get to see much of keanus and reiss’ friendship #Eastenders.”

Another tweeted: “why the F**K is reiss speaking at keanu’s funeral those men didn’t interact ONCE.”

A third chimed in: “Sorry, but anyone else totally confused? Since when exactly were Reiss & Keanu BFF’s? First Reiss is Keanu’s best man & now he’s giving his eulogy. He worked at the garage for all of 5 minutes, they barely even knew each other before that.”

“excuse me reiss saying keanu was his brother from another mother :(,” a fourth added.

The pair worked at Taylor’s Autos together.

Keanu was manager, while Reiss was the garage’s accountant.Keanu was murdered on Christmas Day

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Meanwhile others called out a massive blunder involving Keanu’s murder.

His body was hidden under the floorboards of Bridge Street Café- by Linda, Sharon Watts, Kathy Beale, Suki Panesar, Denise Fox and Stacey Slater.

Then in March this year it was discovered.

One pointed out a very spooky detail about Kathy on Reddit.

EastEnders facts and figures

They wrote: “She literally stands over where she (and the others) buried a young man’s dead body every day and doesn’t seem to bat an eyelid!?

“She works with his grieving sister every day, looking her in the eye, still nothing. Not a shred of guilt there at all! She’s hardcore is Kathy! Cold as ice.”

Fellow viewers were quick to agree with the observation, as one commented: “Kathy honestly has seemed very cold in this whole story, showing little respect for the fact that she is responsible for covering up the murder of a young man.

“It’s really strange but I think the writers have done it to show that Suki and Kathy are a lot stronger when it comes to dealing with the weight of the guilt, in comparison to characters like Linda who break much easier.”

Another remarked: “I think Kathy and Suki are the two strongest of The Six, because of everything they’ve been through in their life, so I think Kathy (like Suki) is able to ignore it almost and not worry about it unless it actively affects her, plus they’ve framed Dean for it, so in her mind, she has no reason to worry!”

While a third person wrote: “Kathy honestly has seemed very cold in this whole story, showing little respect for the fact that she is responsible for covering up the murder of a young man.”

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