Emmerdale’s Tom caught out, Coronation Street romance, EastEnders death plot latest

Sunday is here, so it’s time for our regular round-up of the biggest soap spoilers that have dropped over the past seven days.

Emmerdale has hinted at a possible turning point for Tom and Belle’s dark storyline, while Coronation Street has revealed an unexpected new romance twist.

Elsewhere, news broke that not one but three soap characters will be leaving our screens in the coming months.

Did you miss any gossip this week? If so, here’s our guide to the biggest talking points and our take on the news.

Emmerdale’s Tom is caught out for spying

tom king, belle king, emmerdale


Emmerdale kicked off the week with new spoilers hinting at another change ahead for Tom and Belle King’s upsetting storyline.

When Belle makes plans for a termination next week, she needs to use Tom’s phone to pay for a taxi as he has taken control of her finances.

Belle gets much more than she’d bargained for when she stumbles across Tom’s secret phone app, which has been monitoring her every move for the past few weeks.

While Tom’s gaslighting has left Belle confused over the state of their marriage, her new discovery is sure to leave her questioning everything once again. She’s also left more determined than ever that she can’t go through with the pregnancy.

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Emmerdale exits revealed

nicky miligan, suni sharma, emmerdale


Looks like Nicky Miligan’s recent tensions with his parents Caleb and Ruby may never be resolved, as news broke this week that he’ll be leaving Emmerdale.

Nicky considers his future next week and suggests to his boyfriend Suni Sharma that they should move away together.

It seems that this marks the beginning of the end for the young couple, as actors Lewis Cope and Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana have reportedly already filmed their final scenes as Nicky and Suni.

It’s hard not to see some wasted potential here, as both characters joined the ITV soap with strong storylines for their early months on screen. Nicky had the big revelation that he was a secret member of the Tate family, while Suni was confirmed to be Jai’s half-brother.

Once those initial dramas were over, though, both characters seemed to fizzle out and drift off into the background. Perhaps there’s a lesson here for all soaps that longer-term plans are needed for new characters beyond their initial storyline twists.

Hannah says goodbye to Hollyoaks

embargo 14052024 hannah ashworth and robbie roscoe in hollyoaks

Lime Pictures

There was another disappointing soap exit revealed this week, as Hollyoaks insiders revealed that Emma Rigby has quit her role as Hannah Ashworth just a few months into her permanent return to the Channel 4 soap.

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Details are sketchy at this stage, but it’s thought that we’ll see Hannah depart our screens after recent behind-the-scenes changes at Hollyoaks impacted her big comeback.

There was huge buzz for Hannah’s permanent return when it was initially announced, but it’s fair to say that social media and forums have been full of complaints over her recent storylines.

While fans are eager to see Hannah interacting with the characters she used to be close to – like Darren and John Paul – she seems to have found herself locked away in a separate story bubble involving scams, gangsters, Dave’s despair and the return of Robbie. All well and good most of the time, but perhaps not befitting a much-loved character like Hannah.

Hollyoaks has undergone major changes for the better since the start of the year, but this feels like a rare story that hasn’t really hit the mark.

Callum gets suspicious over Keanu’s death

jack branning, callum highway, eastenders


Just when we thought it was going on the back burner for a while, The Six storyline is returning to the forefront on EastEnders following Keanu Taylor’s recent funeral.

The latest batch of EastEnders spoilers revealed that Phil Mitchell and Callum Highway will both get suspicious next week, leading to anxious times for all of those involved in the Keanu cover-up.

Tony Clay, who plays Callum, has been speaking about his character’s involvement in the drama.

He told us this week: “She [Linda] makes a comment about Dean that Callum thinks is a bit suss. I think Linda’s façade slips at that moment. As much as Callum would not want to believe that she could be involved – he loves her dearly and she’s a big part of his life – a part of Callum thinks what she says is odd.

“The policeman part of Callum also doesn’t want anything untoward happening. He’s glad to see Dean in prison, but he wants to make sure it’s for the crimes he’s committed.”

Meanwhile, new advance spoilers for EastEnders have teased the arrival of the new Mitchell family members later this month.

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Coronation Street reveals Steve’s next love interest

steve mcdonald, cassie plummer, coronation street


Steve McDonald and Cassie Plummer’s recent interaction at a Rovers speed dating event was clearly setting up a bigger storyline, as new Coronation Street spoilers have teased them as a potential new couple.

Cassie starts work as Ken Barlow’s carer next week, putting her back in Steve’s orbit. It’s Amy who spots a possible romantic spark between the pair, which Steve stubbornly denies.

Claire Sweeney, who plays Cassie, has been speaking about the pair’s potential future.

She said this week: “We saw the spark between them at the speed dating and it didn’t get off the ground. But they are good for each other. They are similar ages so they like the same things.

“Even in real life Simon [Gregson] and I sit and chat so much because we like the same movies and know all the same songs, there is something of a familiarity and coming from the same era.”

A new con artist for Home and Away

irene roberts in home and away

Channel 5
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Summer Bay’s residents may need a motto… never fully trust a cash-strapped new character who’s listed among the guest cast.

Newcomer Bronte arrived on Home and Away at Australian pace this week, carrying out a twisted plan to scam Irene out of thousands of dollars by pretending to be terminally ill.

Bronte is claiming to need $50,000 for experimental medical treatment. Despite being the first to rumble con artist Susie McAllister a few years ago, Irene has her guard down and willingly agrees to part with the cash. Oh dear.

A dramatic trailer has revealed that the story is building up to high drama for Dana, who’s quickly becoming one of our favourite new soap characters.

Dana rumbles Bronte’s evil plan but gets herself kidnapped for her troubles. After the DS Madden drama, she seems to be making a habit of this…

UK fans can see these scenes on Channel 5 in late July.

A new Neighbours character for Wendy’s next story

quinn and wendy rodwell in neighbours

Amazon Freevee / FremantleMedia Australia

Neighbours fan favourite Wendy Rodwell looks set to get a story of her own early next month as she starts university and begins enjoying the party scene.

New spoiler pictures have hinted at a potential romantic spark between Wendy and newcomer Quinn, played by actor Louis Le.

Neighbours star Shiv Palekar, who plays Haz Devkar, fuelled rumours that Wendy could betray Andrew in a behind-the-scenes video released this week. We’re hoping for a “hilarious misunderstanding” rather than a full-scale cheating storyline, but let’s watch this space to find out how it plays out.

Soap schedule changes

toyah battersby, nick tilsley, coronation street


With Euro 2024 under way, Coronation StreetEastEndersEmmerdale and Casualty are all affected by schedule changes over the next month – whether it’s different days, timeslots, or even channels.

Our full soap schedule guide can be found right here.



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