Emmerdale’s Charles Anderson confronts Caleb Milligan over Ethan’s tragic death

Emmerdale fans were left gobsmacked earlier this month when Ethan Anderson (played by Emile John) met a sudden end in the popular ITV soap.

Following the unexpected demise of his son, Emmerdale’s Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) has been consumed by grief. Official spoilers for the ITV drama reveal that the village vicar is determined to get to the bottom of what happened to Ethan.

In upcoming scenes, Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) learns that Ethan’s hit-and-run case will be dismissed. This news doesn’t sit well with Charles despite Manpreet Sharma’s (Rebecca Sarker) attempts to calm him down

Later on, Charles is found drowning his sorrows at the pub as Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) informs Caleb that the vicar likely doesn’t want to return home as it reminds him of Ethan. Taking pity on him, Caleb takes Charles back home, much to Ruby Milligan’s (Beth Cordingly) surprise.

Charles Anderson and Caleb Milligan
Is Charles Anderson about to uncover the truth?
The following morning, Charles wakes up and expresses his gratitude for Caleb’s hospitality. While sipping some coffee he accidentally spills it on the rug, and while fetching a cloth to clean up the mess, Charles stumbles upon an interesting invoice and decides to take it.


During the day, Charles offers to drive Caleb into Hotten and despite his initial reservations about the offer, he chooses to accept. While enroute, Caleb is puzzled when Charles becomes visibly emotional and abruptly pulls over into a lay-by and gets out of the car.

Worried, Caleb follows Charles through the woods as theRuby Milligan vicar begins to reflect on memories of his late son.

Caleb attempt to console the grieving father while Charles begins to question the decision to drop the hit-and-run case. However, the situation escalates when Charles’ expression hardens and Caleb finds himself under scrutiny over Ethan’s death.

Ethan Anderson died at the start of June
Realising the gravity of the situation, Caleb attempts to get back to the car but is halted by an increasingly angry Charles. As he presents the invoice that was discovered earlier in his house, it implies Caleb’s involvement in the hit-and-run.

What will Caleb say to calm the vicar’s growing anger and determination to uncover the truth?

What Charles doesn’t know is that the real perpetrator of the hit-and-run that injured his son is Ruby, who had sought revenge on Ethan. Ruby was left furious that Ethan had left her son Nicky (Lewis Cope) for dead, resulting in him being hospitalised in a coma.

Ethan later confessed to Ruby that he knew she was the one who hit him, stating they were now “even” as he didn’t report her to the police. Although she ominously told him they weren’t even as her son remained in hospital, warning him that if Nicky died, she’d run him over again and ensure he didn’t survive.

Nicky eventually recovered, but Ethan later died of a brain aneurysm like his grandfather Victor Anderson (Eddie Osei). If Charles discovers the truth about the hit-and-run, will he hold them responsible for his son’s death?

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