Emmerdale woodland horror as apoplectic Charles closes in on Caleb in sinister showdown

Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) has been struggling with his son’s sudden death in Emmerdale – and he’s attempting to displace his feelings of grief by seeking revenge, as well as sacking off Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker).

The latter he has already achieved by relegating her to the B&B and ending their relationship as Manpreet was essentially distracting him of achieving his goal of total and complete revenge on whoever hurt his son. Now he’s hellbent on achieving the former.

Charles has by no means come to terms with Ethan Anderson’s (Emile John) death and he is determined to make someone pay.

The hit and run case is dropped and Caleb Miligan (Will Ash) breathes a secret, and premature, sigh of relief. Charles, on the other hand, is distraught and triggered to learn Ethan’s attack will go without justice.


As Charles gets more and more drunk in the pub, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) notes to Caleb that he’s probably putting off going home to a house full of nothing but reminders.

Charles Anderson confronts Caleb Miligan in the car in Emmerdale
In a weird move, Caleb takes Charles back to his – not unlike when he guiltily gave Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) a bed for the night after bedding his wife.

Ruby Fox-Miligan (Beth Cordingly) is horrified to see Charles in her midst when she returns to the house. The vicar stays the night and in the morning is grateful for their kindness.

But things go south quickly when he spills some coffee on the rug. He bends down to clean the mess and spots an invoice. Just a simple piece of paper tells Charles the truth of Ethan’s fate.

Caleb is uncomfortable when the vicar insists on giving him a lift into Hotten, and on the drive Charles surprises Caleb by suddenly getting emotional. He pulls into a layby then gets out of the car and heads into the woods.


Perplexed, Caleb follows as Charles offers memories of his son while questioning the dropping of his case. Caleb is uneasy and confused, when out of the blue, Charles rounds on him.

Charles is on to him, and makes it clear he is no longer safe. Caleb is unable to escape to the safety of the car as Charles’ anger escalates.

Suddenly, the businessman finds himself being confronted with the invoice which all but confirms Caleb’s part in Ethan’s hit and run.

He’s caught out, even though Ruby was the one to pull off the heinous act. As Charles’ fury rises and with nothing to lose, how will Caleb save himself?

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