Emmerdale star Emile John teases potential departure for Ethan

Emmerdale star Emile John has teased that there could be an exit on the way for Ethan Anderson as his storyline progresses.

Ethan has been involved in a dramatic arc lately, with the character facing prison time after fleeing from the scene after drunkenly crashing his car.ethan in emmerdale

He subsequently tried to pin the blame on Nicky Milligan, who was hospitalised as a result of the crash, but his father Charles turned him into the police as he faced the consequences of his actions before earning forgiveness.

ethan in emmerdale
Nicky’s family was less forgiving, however, with Ethan left clinging onto his life after Ruby committed a hit and run, though she didn’t believe they were square given her son’s condition.

Though Ethan recovered from his injuries, trouble still lies ahead for him, and John teased that his character’s fate will soon be out of his hands, with his only option potentially being to leave the village in the face of death.emmerdale cain dingle

During a Q+A on the star’s Instagram account, one fan remarked (via The Sun): “Praying Ethan doesn’t end up leaving the village. Fave character and storylines”, but the actor’s response hinted that it won’t be rosy for Ethan as he said: “I mean look, the thing is… basically… I mean hey that’s the… yeah.”

Next week’s scenes will see Ethan collapse as he stands trial for his crimes, with Charles and Manpreet desperately trying to resuscitate him as he lays motionless. Actor Kevin Mathurin, who plays Charles on the ITV soap, previewed the scenes in a recent interview, detailing the character’s worries.


“Charles hasn’t got any idea why this has happened, but he’s probably thinking it’s something to do with Ethan’s recent incident when he was knocked over in the hit and run,” he said.

“All Charles is focused on is making sure that his son is well and he’s going to be alright. He’s not thinking about the family falling apart – they’re dealing with it as a family.”

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