Emmerdale reveals Charity’s suspicion over Tom in 22 spoiler pictures

Emmerdale reveals Charity’s suspicion over Tom in 22 spoiler pictures

Next week on Emmerdale, Charity Dingle starts to ask questions over Belle King’s relationship with Tom. Is she getting close to the truth?

Elsewhere, Charles Anderson demands answers from Caleb Miligan over Ethan’s hit and run, while Matty Barton faces a tense encounter in prison.

Our 22-picture gallery offers a sneak peek at what’s in store.



Monday, July 1: Charity is growing concerned

She can sense that something isn’t right with Belle. Chas, Mandy and Lydia are also starting to ask questions, but it’s Charity who pushes the issue further.

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Monday, July 1: Charity tries to find out more

After realising that Belle and Tom’s relationship may be the issue, Charity gently seeks some answers.

belle king, charity dingle, emmerdaleITV
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Monday, July 1: Belle is reluctant to open up

When Tom approaches, Belle shoves Charity and rushes home in a panic.

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Monday, July 1: Moira and Cain start to reconcile

They’ve been at odds over Cain’s lack of action to help Matty.

cain dingle, moira dingle, emmerdaleITV
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Monday, July 1: Moira and Cain reach an agreement

They resolve to work as a team moving forward.

jai sharma, laurel thomas, emmerdaleITV
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Wednesday, July 3: Laurel is annoyed with Jai

Jai is refusing to tell Suni the truth about Amit.

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Wednesday, July 3: Laurel and Jai clash over the situation

Laurel ultimately sends Jai away when he makes some hurtful comments about Ashley.

laurel thomas, emmerdaleITV
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Wednesday, July 3: Laurel becomes unwell

She collapses in the church.

gabby thomas, laurel thomas, emmerdaleITV
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Wednesday, July 3: Gabby arrives

She calls an ambulance for Laurel.

charles anderson, caleb miligan, ruby milligan, emmerdaleITV
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Wednesday, July 3: Caleb tries to support Charles

Charles has been drinking heavily in The Woolpack.



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