EMMER-DRAMA Emmerdale horror as villager is rushed to hospital after shock accident – as another attempts to flee the dales

AN Emmerdale character was left fearing for their life after being involved in a terrifying accident.

Much of Monday’s (June 24) covered the aftermath of Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) telling Tom that she suffered a miscarriage and lost their baby.

Viewers are aware that Belle actually had an abortion, not wanting to bring the child into the toxic household.

Although Belle tried to hide her secret, Monday’s episode saw abusive Tom start to piece the truth together.

After confiding in Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) about the supposed miscarriage, Tom discovered an incriminating piece of evidence Belle unintentionally left behind.

A car park ticket, which proved she had been away and in town without his knowledge.

Despite the ticket falling on the car’s floor, neither Belle or Tom spotted it previously.

Tom also learned through Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) that Amelia (Daisy Campbell) had been dog-sitting Piper while Belle was at “some appointment”.

Through searching the car park’s location, he was enraged when he figured out that Belle took a trip to the abortion clinic and had been lying to him.

Unable to control his growing fury, Tom grabbed hold of an old and rusty iron bar, while he destroyed everything in his path.

Eventually having ran out of strength, the bully went for one final swing.

But he was electrocuted after he swung his arm back and the metal bar hit the barn’s rotary isolator.

Left unconscious, Tom was rushed to hospital after being found by Paddy (Dominic Brunt).

In the meantime, Belle had her bags packed and was ready to depart the village – only to be stopped in tracks when informed by Rhona (Zoë Henry) about Tom’s accident.Belle and Tom tied the knot earlier this year

Earlier, she had confided in Rachel, her Mental Health Care Coordinator, about the lengths Tom took to watch over her including installing cameras supposedly to monitor their dog Piper.

Ultimately, with help from Rachel’s reassuring tone, the reality of the manipulation, bullying and control finally sunk in for Belle.

Preparing to make her exit, Belle appeared conflicted over whether she can leave the toxicity behind for good.

Once by Tom’s bedside at the hospital, he ominously told her: “The miscarriage. You’ve been through so much, you don’t need this. I thought I lost everything.

“You, us, but I’m here. I’m still here and I am never leaving you.”

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