EastEnders reveals huge Maya bombshell in early iPlayer release

EastEnders spoilers follow from Wednesday’s second episode (July 3), which is available to watch now on streaming service BBC iPlayer.

EastEnders has revealed a huge bombshell about Maya Houssain’s identity in the show’s latest episode.

This week, Harvey met up with Maya behind Jean’s back, where she admitted to him that she was struggling for money and was therefore considering selling her flat.

But when she dropped a letter, Harvey spotted the address and realised it was a different location to where she had told him she lived.

maya houssain, harvey monroe, eastenders

Suspicious, Harvey decided to investigate and arrived at the house, entering the property when his knocks went unanswered.

He heard a sudden noise and went into the kitchen, where he came face to face with a man who looked terrified.

In the latest episode, Harvey tried to calm down the man – Maya’s husband Abdul – before she arrived at the house herself.

After she put Abdul to bed, Harvey demanded answers from Maya, and she revealed that her husband was the man that Harvey’s son Aaron tried to murder.jean slater, eastenders

harvey monroe, eastenders

In 2021, Aaron and his far-right group attacked a taxi driver, known only as Mr Houssain at the time, in a brutal racial hate crime that left him with serious injuries.

Maya explained that Abdul now needs full-time care as he suffered broken ribs and a collapsed lung and is now blind in one eye.

She proved that her money worries are true by showing Harvey her unpaid bills and said that the council is set to repossess her house as she is unable to pay the mortgage.

Maya said that if Aaron had been convicted for the crime, Abdul might have felt safe, and reminded Harvey that he gave his son a false alibi on that night, so she feels he is accountable.

jean slater, eastenders

Later, Harvey explained his past actions, and Maya said that she has felt guilty for trying to take money from him because she genuinely likes him.

Harvey returned home to a worried Jean, who had prepared a romantic dinner, and he lied about where he had been today.

Jean, aware of Harvey’s lies, left the room crying, while Harvey was in tears himself after the events of the day. What will he do now?

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