EastEnders: Reiss to kill Debbie as she wakes from coma, fans predict

EastEnders: Reiss to kill Debbie as she wakes from coma, fans predict

Fans of EastEnders have predicted that Reiss Colwell’s story could take a dark turn, suggesting that he could kill wife Debbie as she wakes up from her coma.

Last week’s episodes saw Sonia and Bianca learn the truth about what Reiss had been up to – taking comatose wife Debbie’s money to fuel his and Sonia’s IVF journey.

Reiss, Sonia and Bianca have an uncomfortable conversation
Bianca clashed with shady Reiss (Credit: BBC)

Reiss shows his darker side as Bianca learns his secret

Bianca was aghast, and outed Reiss in front of the shocked punters at The Vic. However, Sonia stood by her man.

As Reiss snapped back at Bianca following her continued abuse, the accountant showed a darker side to his personality. This has led some fans to wonder whether the story could take an even darker turn.

Could mild-mannered Reiss turn killer?

Reiss looks coldly at Bianca as he hugs Sonia in EastEnders
Does Reiss have it in him to commit murder? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans predict Reiss to turn killer

Writing on Reddit, a number of fans theorised how Debbie’s hypothetical awakening might go. And, if they are to be believed, it may not go too well for poor Debbie…

“I think Debbie will awaken, see Reiss – and scream for help. We’ll realise Reiss put her in the coma (a crime of passion?) and, in a panic to make her be quiet, he’ll smother her,” wrote one fan.

“I like the theory. There’s definitely something more fishy to this guy,” agreed another.

Reiss and Debbie - but was he the one who harmed her?
Was Reiss the one who harmed her? (Credit: BBC/ Composite ED!)

“Some throuple type thing could stem. Reiss doesn’t want to let go of either of the women and both of them are reluctant to let go of him but he doesn’t want to share. But one must go… who does he kill?,” suggested a third.

‘I don’t think he’s THAT dark, but I could see him trying to get Debbie’s life support switched off once all the money is gone,” another fan theorised.

Do you think Reiss could kill Debbie?

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