EastEnders’ Priya to strike a mysterious deal with Nish

EastEnders’ Priya Nandra-Hart is set to strike a mysterious deal with Nish Panesar in upcoming scenes.

Since Nish returned and revealed not only that he was dying but that he was leaving nothing to his children in his will, the Panesars have been doing their fair share of plotting.

Ravi had a change of heart and decided to support his father, and Vinny was also supportive – but really he and Suki have a secret plan to reclaim the Panesar empire, a plan that Eve is now in on too.

Earlier this month, Ravi’s ex Priya gatecrashed a family meal, upset that she had been excluded. Ravi asked her not to cause trouble.

priya nandrahart, nish panesar, eastenders

Priya decided to cosy up to Nish, but he saw right through her scheming and cruelly told her that she wouldn’t get a penny of his money.

But things are soon set to change as the pair decide to team up in scenes that will air next week.

Finding herself strapped for cash, Priya has been going behind Suki’s back and ordering things on her credit card without permission. Avani is cautious about what her mum is doing and warns her not to compromise their current situation through her foolish actions.

nish panesar, priya nandrahart, eastendersnish panesar, priya nandrahart, eastenders

In act of desperation though, Priya makes a rash decision and she makes Nish an offer in a bid to secure her family’s financial future.

It is a difficult week for Priya in a number of ways, as her son Nugget is suddenly taken ill as he prepares for the boxing tournament.

Later, Priya and Nish are finalising their ‘deal’, and are oblivious to the fact that Nugget has collapsed outside on the pavement.

The Panesars rush to the hospital and Priya is supported by Ravi as they wait for news on their son.

nish panesar, priya nandrahart, eastenders

There are huge revelations for Priya when she finds out not only that Nugget has been taking steroids, but that his kidneys aren’t responding and he might need long-term dialysis.

But this isn’t all Priya has to deal with. When they’re alone in the hospital, Nish reminds her of their arrangement.

What is this mysterious deal, and what will it mean for Priya?

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