EastEnders fans fear for Callum as he makes it his mission to rumble ‘The Six’

Last night in EastEnders (Wednesday, June 19), Callum tried to get on Keanu’s murder case after having suspicions over Linda.

Fans are cautious as we know what can happen when ‘The Six’ are involved.

Crimes have to be answered for and Callum is determined to find out the truth. How will ‘The Six’ retaliate in EastEnders?

Callum in EastEnders looks concerned
Callum smells something fishy (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders recap – Callum’s investigation

Yesterday evening, Sharon

ran into Callum at the café as he revealed that he was speaking to detectives about Keanu’s murder case. Leaving the café spooked, Sharon assembled Johnny, Linda, Jack, and Phil to discuss how they could throw Callum off their scent.

It’s unclear how this storyline will play out, but fans are nervous whether another murder case is around the corner.

Jack spoke to Callum privately and tried to deter him. Johnny also used Ben’s absence to try and convince him otherwise after seeing Jack’s plan unfold. But, is Callum too close to the truth?

EastEnders The Six
Fans are concerned about Callum’s future (Credit: BBC)

Callum Highway in danger?

Six legendary Walford women and one dead body. That’s what left many EastEnders fans hooked to their TVs over Christmas.

Callum may be determined to uncover the truth behind Keanu’s murder, but these women are determined to keep it buried. After Sharon confessed the crime to Phil, danger could likely be on the horizon.

We’ve certainly seen what Phil is capable of to protect those he loves over the years. It’s clear Callum could be in danger and fans are quick to point that out.

One fan expressed on X: “So when is Callum leaving?! I mean, surely he’s next on the hit list?!”

While another warned: “Callum really needs to leave it alone.”

A third person added: “If any of these peeps lay a finger on my boy Callum…”

It’s clear the

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