EastEnders confirms Priya and Nish’s surprise deal in early BBC iPlayer release

EastEnders has confirmed the details of Priya Nandra-Hart’s surprising deal with evil Nish Panesar.

Priya made an unexpected proposal to Nish in the show’s latest episode as she tried to secure a stronger financial future for her family.

EastEnders doesn’t air on TV this week until a double bill on Wednesday (July 3), but the first of these episodes has been released early on BBC iPlayer today (July 1).

The latest visit to Walford saw Priya receive a warning from her daughter Avani after she admitted to ordering things on Suki Panesar’s credit card without permission.

priya nandrahart, nish panesar, avani nandrahart, eastenders

priya nandrahart, nish panesar, avani nandrahart, eastenders

Avani was quick to point out that they’re currently in a decent position living with the Panesar family and Priya shouldn’t ruin it by behaving recklessly.

As Priya considered this, she decided that it was time to take matters into her own hands by securing a slice of Nish’s fortune for herself.

Priya promised to make Nish’s last few months “enjoyable” in return for a fee.

She explained: “I won’t beat around the bush, we’ve both got needs. Mine financial, and yours… well, you’re a bloke with a few months left and nobody to share them with.


“So I thought, why spend your last few months fizzling out when you could go out with a bang? For a fee, I could make your last few months very enjoyable.”

Nish harshly turned down Priya’s offer, criticising her for being so desperate for money. However, he later changed his mind after spotting his ex-wife Suki looking loved-up with Eve Unwin following the weekend’s Pride celebrations.

Priya and Nish finalised their deal by sharing a passionate kiss at No. 41. This was witnessed by Priya’s teenage son Nugget, who was outside and spotted them through the window.

With the effects of his recent steroid use coming back to haunt him, an unwell Nugget could barely react before slumping down onto the pavement.

nugget, eastenders

Sophie Khan Levy, who plays Priya, recently spoke about her character’s motives for trying to align herself with Nish for the final months of his terminal illness.

She said: “It’s because she’s a scrapper and ferocious about making sure that Nugget and Avani are taken care of. Priya is a woman who has had a tough life, and in the past, I’m sure she’s got into situations where she has to grit her teeth and bear things for survival.

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“In this moment, I think all Priya can see is what’s right in front of her, and she believes that even if her kids can’t see that she’s doing what she’s doing for them, they will later when they have their inheritance.”

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