Donna Shares Eric’s Diagnosis With RJ — and a Visit to the Cliff House Ends with [Spoiler] in Finn’s Arms

At the Forrester mansion, Eric tries to play a song on the piano but falters due to his hand tremors. He flashes to coughing up

blood. Donna comes into the living room and he tells her he can’t play piano; his hands won’t cooperate. She kisses his hands and

tells him they need some answers from the doctor fast. Eric grimaces. She asks if he’s OK, or if there’s something he needs to tell

her. He insists he’s fine. RJ walks in and asks if everything is OK.

Eric tells his grandson that he’s OK. “I’ve got you, look at you. Look what you’re doing! You’re a great designer, you are, and your loyalty means so much to me. I want you to keep this secret from everybody about the tremors, and most especially from Ridge.”

Finn answers the cliff house door to Hope, who is dropping off something for the package he’s sending to Steffy and the kids in Europe. Finn tells her she didn’t have to come all the way over, but she explains she’s not sleeping well and was up early. Finn can relate. He notes they don’t talk much, but he’s aware of the kiss with Thomas in Rome and just wants to say, “You’re better than Thomas.” Hope frowns in surprise.

Hope notes that everyone seems to have an opinion on her love life lately. Finn reminds her of Thomas’ history and he wants what’s best for her.

Sheila Deacon B&B

At Deacon’s place, he and Sheila make out and he vows to get her a ring. He has to figure out a way to talk to Hope about this. Sheila thinks they should keep their engagement on the down-low until they figure out how to break the news. She still can’t believe he got her out of prison and then popped the question. Sheila hopes it doesn’t cost him his relationship with Hope.

Sheila says, “My fiancé,” over and over again and she and Deacon go over how this news will shock their families. Deacon has to believe that after a while, he’ll get through to them. Sheila sincerely wishes that for him, and sincerely wishes Finn could be free of Steffy so she could have another chance.

At the cliff house, Finn asks Hope how she’s doing with everything. He’s going crazy without Steffy and the kids and they’re still together; he can only imagine how it is for her. Hope says, “If I’m being honest, it hasn’t been easy trying to adjust to the new normal.” Her marriage has fallen apart and sometimes she gets sad, “All those years, just, with Liam and his divided heart.”
Finn nods.

Hope explains the kiss with Thomas in Rome was a catalyst for her to address some deep-seated issues with Liam and herself. While she never doubted his love for her, she never doubted his love for Steffy either. Hope apologizes, but Finn gets it. They go over Steffy being in Rome but staying in contact with Finn every day. Hope says she’s lucky to have him. Finn understands what she’s saying about Liam, but he thinks she’s only drawn to Thomas because he’s focused solely on her.

In the Forrester living room, Eric wants his collection to exude opulence and suggests diamonds for the bodices. RJ remarks that it’s expensive. Eric lectures him on not cutting corners, “And always use the company credit card.” He can’t wait to see the look on Carter and Ridge’s face when they see the invoice. Donna gasps, “You are so bad.” Eric, infused with confidence, vows that they’ll win this and when they do, he’ll take back the company, his office, and put his final stamp on the fashion house he created.

At Deacon’s place, he worries about Sheila wanting to get rid of Steffy. Sheila insists she’s not a threat to her, “I just want a place in my son’s life.” Deacon believes in her. They embrace.

Alone in the Forrester living room, RJ tells Donna that Eric is off or something is affecting him. He feels he doesn’t know everything about what’s going on with his health, “It’s consistently gotten worse.” Donna swears him to secrecy and then confides that Eric might be suffering from Cerebral Vascular Disease or TIAs, “Mini-strokes.” RJ gawps. Donna explains if anything happens, like he gets a blood clot or something, he could die. That’s why he feels he’s running out of time and has to finish the collection.

Finn Hope hug B&B

At the cliff house, Finn tells Hope he knows Thomas’s history. His parents and Steffy all think he’s changed. Hope says she does too. Finn thinks it must feel good to go from Liam’s divided attention to Thomas being fully focused on her. He’s sure Steffy feels the same way having him. He’s determined to get her back. Hope finds his devotion admirable. Finn asks if she really wants to be with Thomas what with all the history. Hope believes people can change, “And being with Thomas, knowing that he is dedicated and loyal to me, that is a big change from the indecisiveness and heartache that would sometimes come with being with Liam.” When that weight is finally lifted, you realize how bogged down you really were. Growing up, watching her mom in pain over a man’s divided heart, she swore she’d never be like her, but there she was repeating the cycle. She breaks down crying asking if it’s really so wrong to want a man to love her and only her. Finn takes her in his arms and comforts her.


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