Deadly event rocks Emmerdale as frightening exit story is confirmed

The terrifying ordeal of Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) is about to reach a head in Emmerdale, with abuser Tom King (James Chase) facing death.

With Belle attempting to escape the village from his clutches, he has realised that she visited the abortion clinic and he loses it in an explosive rage.

But as he smashes everything up that he can find, he pays the price when he is electrocuted.

Could this be the end for himMore


Elsewhere, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) is on hand to offer advice to scared Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) – but it’s not what the jailed villager wants to hear.

Speaking of jail, Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) could face prison if his attack on Amit comes to light – which it might…

Monday June 24
Belle confesses to her mental health coordinator, Rachel, that she told Tom she had a miscarriage instead of an abortion.

As their appointment goes on, Belle fears that Rachel is starting to realise the extent of Tom’s controlling behaviour and is desperate for her to leave but as Rachel reassures Belle, the reality of Tom’s abuse finally hits home.

Encouraging her to take a break from Tom, Belle is terrified but warily nods. Conflicted Belle stares out of the window of a taxi.

Meanwhile, when Noah informs Tom that Belle was in town yesterday for an appointment instead of walking Piper and he is thrown to learn that Belle has been lying to him.Emmerdale's Tom, Belle and Cain in front of blue electricity

Tom swings a crowbar in Emmerdale
Tom lies motionless on the floor in Emmerdale
When he realises Belle took a trip to the abortion clinic he is unable to contain his swelling rage. Tom grabs an old rusty iron bar and rains down blows on everything and anything.

Running out of strength, Tom flings back his arm for one final swing, but when the metal bar smashes against the barn’s rotary isolator behind him, Tom is electrocuted and hurled violently against a beam.

With Tom lying unconscious or worse, Belle has her case packed and in the taxi ready to leave…

Thursday June 27
Laurel notes a tense exchange between Pollard and Jai, but Jai covers his fury at Pollard. Later, Suni turns to Laurel for advice about what to do with eager-to-leave Nicky.

Laurel tells Suni that Jai would be devastated if he were to leave now, and reminds him of the importance of compromise in his relationship. Suni’s left thoughtful. Will Nicky be able to convince him to leave?

Laurel is suspicious of Jai and Eric in EmmerdaleCain visits Matty in Emmerdale

Laurel is suspicious when Pollard neglects to pay for his drinks and sends her to speak to Jai about it. Following the advice, Laurel arrives at Mulberry Cottage, and probes Jai about Pollard’s abrasive attitude.

Jai feels the net closing in, but will he tell Laurel the truth?

Dawn and Evan return to Home Farm, but she is soon hit with paranoia at the thought of the kids seeing their baby brother, and Billy worries about her overprotectiveness.

Amy worries about Matty, who has told her not to visit. Calling from prison, Matty has a fraught but appreciated conversation with Amy. He’s left bravely smiling when he has to hang up the phone.

Cain visits Matty in Emmerdale
Matty tries to mask his horror when he returns to his cell to find hardman Les has been moved in with him. Taunting alarmed Matty with a series of quick witted and unnerving quips in his cell, Les continues to make the prison novice worry for his safety.

Friday June 28
Cain visits Matty but his attempts to bolster him fall flat. Terrified, he points out Les as his new cellmate and struggles to keep his emotions in check, despite Cain’s efforts to offer advice.

Cain urges him to use violence against anyone who might threaten him, but Matty’s terrified of what this means he’ll have to do.

A heartfelt word about Dawn’s natural ability as a mother helps bring Rose closer to her daughter and they set about building the fort together.

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