Corrie viewers livid over ‘worst storyline’ in soap’s history as they ‘switch off’

Corrie’s latest plot has left fans fuming, branding it the “worst storyline yet”.

Georgia Taylor’s character Toyah has been through the wringer lately. Earlier this year, viewers were shocked to learn she had a baby at 19 after being raped in the early 2000s. Tragically, the baby, named Rose, was stillborn, and Toyah buried her on the red rec.

But that’s not all – Toyah’s been caught up with creepy Rowan Cunliffe. He is the head honcho of a cult that her sister Leanne (played by Jane Danson) got mixed up in.

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After Rowan sued her, and she spilled the beans about her baby trauma, Toyah ended up in the sack with Leanne’s other half, Nick Tilsley (Ben Price). The pair slept together on the day of Rose’s funeral, reports the Express.

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And true to soap opera madness, Rowan had his mate snap some saucy pics of Nick and Toyah’s fling – now he’s using them to twist the knife.

This week, though, Toyah’s been carted off to hospital after Nick found her keeled over in pain from gut-wrenching stomach cramps. At the hospital, Toyah gets gobsmacked with the news that she’s preggers. It’s a proper shocker, given her recent romp with Nick.

But Corrie enthusiasts are having none of it. They’ve taken to a Corrie forum online to tear strips off the storyline, absolutely slamming the new development.

One outraged fan spurted: “Can’t see a way back from this, 3 characters trashed to create another mature mother. Where do all 3 characters go from this, I’m surprised any of them are happy doing this crap,”.

Railing further, another viewer exclaimed: “Another new and terrifying low reached. Worst storyline the soap has ever produced. Tasteless, short-term sensationalism designed to drive a wedge through one of the most enduring (and watchable) sibling relationships on the show. Awful.”

Fans have slammed the ‘messy’ storyline
Declaring their distaste, a third viewer insisted: “I’ve switched off the twaddle it’s not for me. Worst storyline they have done by far.”

The same sentiment was echoed by another one who questioned: “History is just rewritten at a whim these days. Surely Georgia Taylor can’t be happy with this material? “.

The same disgruntled viewer expanded: “Firstly, they invent a dead baby that Toyah conceived through her rape, then she sleeps with her sister’s partner and miraculously falls pregnant with his baby despite her well-documented fertility issues in the past?”

Nick and Toyah slept together recently
They ended with disgust: “What an absolute mess. I won’t be returning to the show any time soon, as it’s Corrie in name only these days.”

Seemingly grinding their teeth, a commenter on a social media platform famously known as Twitter revealed: “genuinely the worst thing Corrie has ever done. I think it’s time to pull the plug.”

More irritation was shown by another angry follower who complained: “I stopped watching it yesterday after 5 mins. Rubbish boring plot lines. Didn’t watch tonight’s episode at all.”

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