Coronation Street’s Toyah and Nick horrified by blackmail threat

Nick Tilsley and Toyah Battersby have been caught out over their affair in Coronation Street.

Tuesday’s (June 18) bombshell episode on ITV and streaming service ITVX saw cult leader Rowan Cunliffe threaten to blackmail the pair with scandalous photos.

The latest visit to Weatherfield had started with Leanne Battersby promising sister Toyah that she would pay for the late Rose’s funeral with money she had in savings.

Toyah spotted Rowan watching the funeral proceedings from Victoria Garden, so she charged over to confront him. The situation turned heated as Toyah shoved The Institute’s leader and warned him to stay away.

Leanne was mortified over the confrontation, as she admitted that Rowan had paid for the funeral since she truly didn’t have any savings.

nick and toyah in coronation street

Heartbroken by her sister’s revelation, Toyah insisted Leanne’s betrayal was unforgivable before storming away. Nick attempted to make Leanne see that it was cruel to involve Rowan’s money in Rose’s funeral without asking Toyah.

Nick later Toyah tried to comfort Toyah with a hug, but one thing led to another and soon they were kissing once again.

The pair had no idea they were being watched by someone from the builder’s yard, which would be an ominous warning of what was to come.

After their latest passionate encounter, Nick and Toyah agreed that they needed to stop for the sake of their family. However, viewers soon saw Rowan scrolling through scandalous pictures of Nick and Toyah kissing.

In the meantime, Leanne arrived home to make peace, acknowledging she’d made a mistake not telling Toyah where the money came from. With Nick’s encouragement, the sisters agreed to start fresh.

nick and toyah in coronation street

“From now on, I promise, no more lies,” Leanne told her guilt-ridden sister and partner.

Yet, when Rowan approached Toyah in the bistro later, she swore to pay back every penny for the funeral so she wasn’t taking his money. Toyah also warned Rowan that she wouldn’t be signing his NDA, vowing to beat him in court.

“You’ll owe me once the case goes to trial,” Toyah vowed. “I won’t be outplayed again.”

A smarmy Rowan hinted to Toyah that she shouldn’t be so confident about her chances before making his exit.

Once she arrived home, Toyah was horrified by an anonymous text message with a picture of her kissing Nick. The episode left off with Nick and Toyah realising that Rowan was going to blackmail them.

“[Rowan] just needs to press send and my life’s over,” Nick realised.

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