Coronation Street’s Summer horrified by Paul’s humiliating comments about her boyfriend

Things are awkward at Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) and Billy Mayhew’s (Daniel Brocklebank) flat in Coronation Street soon as Paul makes his opinion towards Summer Spellman’s (Harriet Bibby) new boyfriend perfectly clear.

Summer returned to Weatherfield from Boston university recently alongside Felix (Robin Morrissey), her American boyfriend.

When Summer arrived at the flat, things suddenly turned very tense and the atmosphere frosty as Felix relished in the fact Paul’s condition was one he’d studied whilst at university.

Paul and Billy, alongside Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce), were also alarmed by the age gap between the two and his boasts about being a neuroscientist.

In upcoming episodes of the ITV soap, Summer and Felix pop by the flat to see Billy and Paul.

However, just as they walk in, they hear Paul playing a derogatory message about Felix on his Eyegaze, a programme which allows its users to create spoken sentences through the use of eye movements, which will also assist Paul when his motor neurone disease results in him being unable to talk.

As Billy and Todd desperately look for the mute button, an embarrased Felix heads out, leaving Summer mortified.


Summer returns home as Paul recovers from a fall in Coronation Street

In the week, Summer feels upset when she reveals to Paul that Felix has gone back to America.

Oh dear, poor Summer!

As much as Paul tries to console Summer, his focus quickly changes due to the arrival of his occupational therapist.

After quizzing Paul about his recent fall, the therapist then breaks the sad news it might be time for him to stop using his stairlift to get in and out of the flat.







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