Coronation Street Spoilers: Kevin’s Shocking Crime Caught On Camera- Jail Ahead?

Things look pretty bleak for Kevin Webster ahead! Coronation Street spoilers suggest a dangerous turn as Kevin finds himself involved in a risky scheme that could lead to severe consequences. In the upcoming episodes, he is convinced that he has uncovered the culprit behind deepfake videos of Abi. Hence, he takes matters into his own hands, risking everything to expose the truth. Keep scrolling to know what happens next!


Coronation Street Spoilers: Will Kevin’s Actions Land Him In Prison?
Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) believes he can pull off a crime without consequences. But little does he know that his opponent is no newbie to evil plans. Coronation Street spoilers say that Kevin and Abi have been working nonstop to uncover who made fake videos of Abi.

However, in the coming week, Abi thinks she has finally discovered something big. She finds out that Bethany got a new job at a magazine owned by Corey Brent’s dad, Stefan. On top of that, it is confirmed that Stefan is linked to the documentary about Seb’s killer, Corey.

CS/ Abi’s discovers her deepfake culprit
Now, according to Coronation Street spoilers, Abi is sure Stefan made those fake videos. Wasting no time, the couple decide to report him to the police. While Stefan is being questioned, Kevin asks Bethany for her office pass to Stefan’s place. A reluctant Bethany eventually gives it to him.

As the week continues, Abi catches Kevin acting strangely. But, after being asked, he claims that stress keeps him up at night. Later, he sneaks into the salon with a stolen phone and begs Max to hack it. Meanwhile, Tyrone opens an email and sees a video of Kevin breaking into Stefan’s office, per Coronation Street spoilers.

He rushes to Kevin, telling him that it’s a deepfake. Is it? Or maybe not? Soon after, Stefan warns him that the video of him breaking in could send him to jail. When he gets home, Abi and Craig are there waiting for him. Is he in serious trouble? We’ll have to see. Till then, for more Coronation Street spoilers, keep checking TV Season & Spoilers!


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