Coronation Street killer Joel’s true nature discovered as corrupt cop intervenes

There are more turbulent times ahead in next week’s Coronation Street episodes, with a grim warning being issued about killer Joel Deering (Calum Lill) and a new crisis for the Winter-Browns when Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) turns to crime.

With Joel eyeing up a future with Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown), his focus is on ensuring their engagement goes without a hitch.

But his parents might have other ideas when they are caught off guard when told about their planned wedding.

That’s the least of his issues though as, across the Street, a teenager who he has targeted is being warned to steer well clear, and she realises he might not be as wholesome as he is trying to make out.



Meanwhile, with financial troubles increasing, Gemma finds herself stealing shoes from a shop – and instantly regrets it when she is lifted by police.

But will a knight in shining armour – and her secret brother – get her out of this mess?

Monday June 24
Gemma’s day goes from bad to worse. Carys desperately needs new shoes, she gets a £70 parking fine in the post. She takes Carys to the shoe shop to get her feet measured but the shoes are £45, Gemma is gutted.

While the assistant’s distracted, Gemma grabs Carys’s hand and they flee the shop without paying.

When Bernie sees the shoes she asks how Gemma afforded them, Gemma is uneasy.

Later, Chesney is serving up kebabs for Joseph’s delighted school mates who are around for dinner but Gemma gets a shock when she sees one of the dads who has come to collect his son.

Kevin confides in Tyrone that Stefan has agreed to pay to take down the deep fake videos. But Stefan tells Kevin that the deal is off as he’s not willing to pay the £60k per year to take the videos down.

Dee-Dee and Joel are having a meal together in Coronation Street

Dee-Dee and Ed meet up with Anthea and Gus for lunch in the bistro. Anthea apologises for their earlier behaviour and Dee-Dee’s pleasantly surprised.

When Amy lets slip that Joel and Dee-Dee are engaged, Anthea and Gus are taken aback. Sabrina’s mate reckons Joel’s a creep and she should steer well clear. Sabrina realises she’s been naïve.

Tim puts pressure on Steve to agree to a night out to celebrate his 50th. Sally shows Tim an invitation to the unveiling of Tommy’s bronze bust at the County ground.

Steve and Tim laugh together in the Rovers in Coronation Street
Tim’s gutted to realise it clashes with Steve’s fiftieth. When Tim tells Steve he can no longer go on the night out with him Steve assumes a surprise party is being planned.

George finds Glenda and Michael in the café and suggests they bury the hatchet and meet for a drink later.

Friday June 28
Kit is shocked to see Gemma being brought into the police station having been arrested for stealing the shoes. Bernie begs Kit to do what he can to secure Gemma’s release.

Kit calls at the shoe shop and explains to Bruce that he’s here about the shoplifting incident, can he get Gemma off. Gemma is intrigued to know why Kit wanted to help her and introduces him to Chesney and the kids.

While there Kit gets a shocking call from his dad…

Kit confronts Gemma, who is sitting in a police cell in Corrie
While Dee-Dee gets ready for their engagement lunch, Joel furtively takes a call from Sabrina’s mate, telling him he has to meet her or he’ll regret it. What do they want?Coronation Street stormy background with Joel, Kit and Tim in the foreground

When Glenda bangs on about the situation with George and how she wants what’s rightfully hers, Michael’s disapproval is evident and Glenda senses he’s cooling towards her.

Glenda calls at the undertakers and suggests to George that if he gives her his house she will drop the case. Will she agree?

Sally calls at the cab office and tells Tim she’s off into town to buy a new outfit for tomorrow. Steve listens, more convinced than ever that Tim’s planning a surprise party for him.

Michael looks disappointed when talking to Glenda in Coronation Street
When Amy reveals that Tracy’s cancelled her visit and she’s staying in Spain, Steve’s secretly gutted, his plans to win her back, up in smoke.

In the Rovers, Steve quizzes Cassie, Kevin and Tyrone about his surprise party. They deny all knowledge and Steve smiles to himself, convinced they’re bluffing.

Abi explains to Kevin that she needs to get away for a few days and she’s going to stay with Lynsey and the twins. As Abi heads out, Kevin does his best to remain positive.

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