Casualty to air devastating scenes for Rash Masum this weekend

Casualty’s Rash Masum will be struggling with suicidal thoughts in upcoming scenes of the BBC medical drama.

In an episode airing on May 18, Rash is stressed about his assessment, but Dylan reassures him he’ll be fine and observes him as he talks to Tom.


Later on, Dylan bluntly dismisses Patrick while they’re working on the case of Nusraat and Halima, with Rash taking the lead with Rida.

rash masum, casualty
A disgruntled Patrick confronts Rash about the email he had sent to HR, accusing him to be the whistleblower who exposed the hospital.

Tensions grow between the two of them, with Rash in turn pointing the finger at Patrick for being secretive. For his part, Patrick insinuates that Rash could have gone to the media, resulting in the exposé documentary.

rash masum, casualty

Rida attempts to comfort Rash, but he ignores her supportive words. He then heads to the roof, watching the footage of Nusraat and Halima in ED.

As he looks down, he fights his inner thoughts and backs away, frightened.

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