Casualty spoilers: Max Cristie revealed to be DYING in shocking double bill!

Max Cristie’s attempts to keep his ill health secret collapse spectacularly in Casualty double bill The Ostrich Effect (BBC One, 8.30pm, Saturday 02 September 2023 — See our TV Guide for listings). Elsewhere, time runs out for drug addict Faith Cadogan in One Hundred Years (9.20pm) as a deadly storm rages through Holby, exposing her secrets and lies once and for all…

Full Casualty spoilers below…

Max Cristie’s desperate efforts to keep his kidney failure secret dramatically falls apart in this week’s Casualty double bill…

In the first visit to Holby, deathly ill Max (Nigel Harman) pushes himself to his limits and ends up collapsing in his office. Concerned consultant Dylan Keogh (William Beck) finds him and insists on taking over Max’s care. But, as Dylan treats him in secret, he makes a shocking discovery — Max has end-stage kidney disease and without dialysis or a transplant he’ll be dead in a year!

Dylan offers the hand of friendship to Max.


Dylan offers the hand of friendship to Max.

In the second episode, against the backdrop of a ferocious storm, Max’s mother, Stella Lawson, turns up in need of treatment at the overrun ED.

It emerges that Stella (EastEnders star Kate Williams) donated one of her kidneys to Max in the past and realises that he’s sick again. She also recognises her long lost granddaughter Jodie Whyte! Stella begs Max to tell Jodie (Anna Chell) the truth, as she may be a donor match, but he’s adamant his daughter must never know…



Scared for her son, will Stella spill the beans to Jodie?

Max must make a call about his future.


Max must make a call about his future.

Dylan Keogh to the rescue!

After finding Max collapsed on his office floor struggling to breathe in the first episode, Dylan takes the decision to help him and won’t take no for an answer. At first Max resists, but he doesn’t have much choice.

Unable to persuade Max to go home, Dylan runs some tests, where he makes a chilling discovery  — not only is Max lying about the true severity of his condition he’s also not receiving treatment.

Realising a hard, sharp shock is in order Dylan makes a drastic decision. He invites expert Dr Burton (Alex Gray) to talk to him and Max about ‘a patient’. Not realising that Max is the patient in question Dr Burton doesn’t pull any punches. Afterwards Max is reeling. With the hard truth hitting home, Max sends Dylan away…

In the second episode Dylan intervenes in the clinical lead’s private life once more, when he’s forced to stop Max and Jodie from treating Stella.

Has Dylan pushed Max too far?

Family matters. Dylan talks to Jodie and Max about Stella.


Family matters. Dylan talks to Jodie and Max about Stella.

Breaking Faith

It’s the end of the line for Faith Cadogan in this week’s double bill…

Undeterred by her best friend’s insistence that she doesn’t need any help, Stevie Nash takes it upon herself to unleash her domestic side on Faith’s family, which leads to questions from the nurse’s eldest daughter.

Natalia (Zoe Brough) wants to know why Stevie (Elinor Lawless) is buying groceries and doing laundry. Initially Stevie fobs her off, but Natalia isn’t taking no for an answer and later turns up at the ED demanding the truth!

With Natalia refusing to leave until someone reveals what’s going on, Stevie ushers her into the staff room where Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) has no option but to tell her daughter about her ‘cancer’…

Zoe Brough reprises her role as Faith's daughter Natalia Malinovsky.


Zoe Brough reprises her role as Faith’s daughter Natalia Malinovsky.

Once Natalia has left, Faith tears strips off Stevie, leaving the doctor confused and concerned. Realising something is very off, Stevie calls Faith’s oncologist, Dr Penrose, only to make a shocking discovery — the cancer specialist is currently on maternity leave and not treating any patients.

Stevie on the phone looking shocked.


Stevie on the phone looking shocked.

As the scales fall from Stevie’s eyes, she keeps a close eye on her lying pal in Casualty’s second episode. Determined to find out as much as possible before taking action, Stevie has a frank conversation with paramedic Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson), who doesn’t mince his words when it comes to his ex’s addiction!

Full disclosure. Iain fills Stevie in Faith.


Full disclosure. Iain fills Stevie in Faith.

Appalled, Stevie confronts Faith, who viciously threatens to take her down with her! However, the warring pals are interrupted by the storm that’s raging through Holby, as the generators suddenly fail.

With people desperately needing care, Sevie is forced to abandon the issue momentarily but resolves to report Faith to Max at the first available opportunity. Yet, it looks like the decision is ultimately taken out of her hands by what Faith does next…

There's a tense atmosphere between Stevie and Faith.


There’s a tense atmosphere between Stevie and Faith.

Faith’s fatal mistake?

Under the cover of darkness Faith sorts herself a sneaky fix before taking over treatment for vulnerable Will Wright (Daniel Boyarsky, Peaky Blinders) and badly injured young boy, Tom Whitefell (Reggie Absolom). However she’s in no fit state, and pretty soon both patients’ lives hang in the balance!

Horrified Stevie battles to save them both, but despite her best efforts will two patients die on Faith’s watch?

Faith and Stevie argue as the ED is plunged into darkness.


Faith and Stevie argue as the ED is plunged into darkness.

Also in Casualty this week

Paramedic Teddy Gowan struggles with conflicting feelings for junior doctor Paige Allcott, which doesn’t go unnoticed by his uncle Gethin West.

Teddy (Milo Clarke) has become painfully insecure since Paige (Shalisha James-Davis) snogged Sah Brockner (Arin Smethurst) and across this week’s double bill he battles with jealousy at every turn — even accusing fellow paramedic Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) of flirting with Paige!

Teddy looking angrily at Jacob.


Teddy looking angrily at Jacob.

Upset, Teddy opens up to Gethin (Robert Pugh) over a pint and, after his uncle gives him some advice, the young paramedic makes an impulsive decision in this week’s second episode that leaves Paige confused and Sah stunned. Auntie Jan (Di Botcher) isn’t best pleased either!

Jan Jenning can't hide her disapproval with Teddy.


Jan Jenning can’t hide her disapproval with Teddy.

Speaking of confused feelings, Jodie doesn’t know what to think when she realises she’s treating her very own grandmother in One Hundred Years!

From the get go, Jodie is less than impressed by this rude woman’s behaviour on the ward. But, after Stella insists on speaking to Mr Cristie and goes on to address him as ‘son’, Jodie’s a kaleidoscope of emotions.

She turns to close friend Rida Amaan (Sarah Segarri), who encourages Jodie to connect with her grandmother. Gathering up her courage, Jodie sneaks past Dylan and Max to see Stella. But the young nurse is left deeply hurt when Stella harshly rejects her…

Meet the family! Jodie treats nanna Stella...


Meet the family! Jodie treats nanna Stella…

Meanwhile, in some lovely lighthearted scenes between Elinor Lawless and Zoe Brough, Stevie showcases her pop sensibilities to the amusement of Natalia, before everything kicks off with Faith at work.

Elsewhere, Dylan is sporting a new aftershave, something that doesn’t go undetected by Faith or Max, but will the true object of his olfactory affections be impressed?

Unknown to him, Donna and Max’s affair is building steam, with both agreeing it’s strictly friends with benefits. Although the ‘friends’ bit isn’t compulsory!

Donna talking to Dylan.


Donna talking to Dylan.

Casualty episodes The Ostrich Effect and One Hundred Years air on Saturday 2 September 2023 from 8.30pm on BBC One. Both episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer after transmission.

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