Casualty spoilers: Dylan Keogh caught in DEADLY blame game?

Dylan Keogh is front and centre in Casualty episode Earn Your Stripes (BBC One, 8.35pm, Saturday 30 March 2024 — See our TV Guide for listings) as a new battle for the heart of Holby ED begins.

Elsewhere, Teddy Gowan is attacked in a shocking assault storyline, and Nicole Piper makes Ngozi Okoye an offer she can’t refuse… Or can she?

Full Casualty spoilers for Earn Your Stripes below…

Dylan Keogh in the line of fire

There are fireworks in Holby ED this week between long standing consultant Dylan Keogh and freshly appointed clinical lead Patrick Onley!


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Dylan (William Beck) is incensed when the ceiling in resus collapses while doctor Rash Masum (Neet Mohan) is treating a patient. But when he furiously confronts Patrick (Jamie Glover) about the state of the department, the new boss quickly turns the blame around on him for not stepping up enough!

Chastised, Dylan offers to mentor Rash on his path to becoming a consultant.

Rash looks critically at Dylan in Casualty.
Critical decision. Rash queries Dylan’s decision. (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Rash and Dylan clash

After Rash gratefully agrees to mentorship from Dylan, the pair join forces to help patient Sam Williams, who’s been injured by a falling chainsaw. But Rash is left questioning his decision to accept Dylan’s help when the older doctor overrules him when he wants to order an urgent MRI for Sam (Dan Mersh, The Thick of ItBeyond Paradise).

Tragically, Rash is proved right and, as Sam’s condition worsens, Dylan realises he should have allowed his junior colleague to follow his instincts. After Sam dies, Dylan is distressed, full of doubts about his capabilities, and blames himself.

In the meantime, Sam’s bereft partner Matthew Levy (Michael Moreland, ShetlandYears and Years) and daughter Georgia (Amy Snudden, The Reckoning) lash out and demand answers.

Will Patrick use this heartbreaking fatality to oust Dylan?

“Dylan and Patrick are like two rams locking horns,” reveals Jamie Glover, in an interview with What To Watch. “Although there’s respect between them, there’s a battle going on over who’s in charge!”

Patrick has his eye on Dylan in Casualty.
Eye spy. Patrick is watching you Dylan! (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Teddy Gowan is attacked

Paramedics Teddy Gowan (Milo Clarke) and Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson) have a full-on shift in this week’s Casualty, starting with a shout-out to a hen party going off the rails.

It turns out bride-to-be Jenna Evans (Freya O’Flynn) has got her hair caught in an elevator and is distraught when they reveal the only way to free her safely is to cut her locks.

Teddy prepares to cut Jenna's hair to free her from an elevator.
Teddy prepares to cut Jenna’s hair to free her from an elevator.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

As Jenna panics her lairy friend Hayley McDonnell (Danielle Phillips, Sister Boniface MysteriesMasters of the Air) makes matters worse when convinces her pal that she doesn’t need to go to the hospital for an ankle injury.

This turns out to be a big mistake and, hours later, Teddy and Iain end up at a club treating the young woman again. While Iain helps out one of the group suffering from an asthma attack, Teddy is left alone in the back of the ambulance with the drunk and disorderly hens when Jemma disturbingly closes the door and encourages the group to carry on with their ‘dare’ challenges…

As Iain returns Teddy emerges from the ambulance visibly shaking and in utter shock…

Will he open up about what’s just happened?

Iain looks quizzically at Teddy.
Will Iain realise Teddy’s been subjected to a horrific assault? (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Also in Casualty this week

With the ED literally falling apart and his confidence crushed after a gruelling shift, Rash reconsiders booking himself in for therapy.

Rash reconsiders his options in Casualty.
Rash reconsiders his options in Casualty.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Siobhan McKenzie (Melanie Hill) takes charge when a burst pipe renders resus two out of action. Privately, however, she’s unimpressed with this recent development. Cue her emotive eye rolling, but will Siobhan voice her opinions to Patrick?

Siobhan is all smiles for her nursing staff, but inside she's fuming.
Siobhan is all smiles for her nursing staff, but inside she’s fuming.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Jodie Whyte (Anna Chell) and Teddy are smitten with each other and as their paths cross during the day the young couple arrange to meet later that evening. When later comes, however, Jodie is left hurt and confused as a withdrawn Teddy cancels their plans…

Teddy sets his sights on Jodie.
Jodie is falling for Teddy… (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Ngozi Okoye (Adesuwa Oni) starts the day off walking on air – she’s managed to save enough money for her young son Obi to visit her in Holby. Unfortunately, the nurse’s happiness is snatched away when her housemates tell her Obi can’t stay with them.

After she uncharacteristically loses her temper with a drunk and hostile patient, junior doctor Nicole Piper (Sammy T. Dobson) takes Ngozi aside and gets her to open up. Kindly Nicole then offers to have them stay with her during Obi’s visit. Will a brokenhearted Ngozi accept Nicole’s offer?

After Ngozi gets bad news, Nicole offers to help.
After Ngozi gets bad news, Nicole offers to help. (Image credit: BBC Studios)

And, although it’s a shocker of a day for Dylan, long term fans are in for a treat as he provides a brief history lesson to a patient on Nelson and makes a nod to the great house boat disaster of 2015. RIP Flat Over Crest I.

Dylan Keogh striking his classic hand-on-hip pose in Casualty.
Dylan Keogh striking his classic hand-on-hip pose in Casualty. (Image credit: BBC Studios)



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