Casualty spoilers: Confused Dylan Keogh gets hot under the collar – has he found love?!

Casualty spoilers: Confused Dylan Keogh gets hot under the collar – has he found love?!
Love is in the air for Dylan Keogh in Casualty episode Sinking Ships – Day 2, whether he wants it to be or not!

The second instalment of the 12-part chapter Storm Damage (BBC One, 8.35pm, Saturday 08 June 2024 — See our TV Guide for listings) picks up a day after the deadly events of last week with Holby City in a state of crisis and Siobhan McKenzie struggling to keep the understaffed ED afloat.


In the hospital Dylan’s head is turned by Sophia Peters, Stevie Nash clashes with Siobhan, and Cam Mickelthwaite receives bad news. Meanwhile, in the chaos of the wild and stormy great outdoors, paramedic Iain Dean’s life is on the line when a daring rescue takes a terrifying turn – who will break the news to Faith Cadogan?

Dylan Keogh – smitten kitten (even though he’s more of a dog person)
Dylan Keogh (William Beck) is flustered as he works alongside psych nurse Sophia Peters (Kellie Shirley) in this week’s Casualty — something that doesn’t go unnoticed by his co-workers!

While treating patient Benji Watts (Gwion Glyn, Doctors) for a cat bite, nurse Rida Amaan (Sarah Seggari) is alerted by his friend Rowan Fulwood (Riad Richie, RSC Live: Timon of Athens) that the young man may be experiencing a mental health crisis.



Rida turns to Dylan and Sophia for help with his treatment and immediately clocks that there’s something between them.

Rida talks to Dylan, while Benji and his friend Rowan chat in the background.
Rida speaks to Dylan about Benji. (Image credit: BBC Studios)

A match made in Holby?

Despite an abrasive start — with Sophia putting Dylan in his place and nicknaming him ‘Tuft!’ — the pair work together like a well oiled machine and both medics are quietly impressed by the other.

Noticing the spark between them, mischievous Rida teases Dylan in front of Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) and Ngozi Okoye (Adesuwa Oni), leaving the senior medic flustered in fun scenes!


Could romance be on the cards for the unlucky-in-love doctor?

Rida clocks the tension between Sophia and Dylan.
Matchmaker Rida stirs things up between Sophia and Dylan.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Iain risks his life

As the red weather warning continues and Holby is at the mercy of disastrous flooding and ruthless looters, paramedic Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson) decides to pull a double shift — against the advice of his concerned partner, nurse Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell).

But the kindhearted medic has good reason for pushing himself  — it’s Teddy Gowan’s (Milo Clarke) first day back after his suspension, the team is hopelessly short staffed, and the younger paramedic is more nervous than he’s letting on.

Iain Dean is drenched in torrential rain.
It never rains but it pours… Will Iain live through a dangerous shift? (Image credit: BBC Studios)

While treating farmer Ralph Bell (Paddy Wallace, AKA Coronation Street’s Jude Appleton), Teddy is rusty and lacking confidence, but is cheered on by Iain.

Terrifyingly, however, the shout out takes a deadly turn when they’re flagged down by frantic teenager Lydia Joseph (Mersey Moore, The Beaker Girls) who reveals that her father is trapped in their submerged car.

Without stopping to think, Iain dives into treacherous, rapidly rising waters to rescue the trapped dad. It’s touch and go, but Iain heroically manages to save the man and get himself out alive, although he’s not completely unscathed…

Teddy looks on in horror as Iain risks his life.
Teddy and Lydia are horrified as events unfold… (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Faith terrified

At the ED, Iain is keen to return to his duties, despite his exhaustion and injuries, leaving Faith in disbelief.

She insists he receives treatment and in the process opens up about the trauma she and her three children suffered when her paramedic husband Lev Malinovsky (Uriel Emil) was killed and explains that she’s terrified the same will happen to Iain.

Faith pleads with Iain to take care.
Faith pleads with Iain to take care.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

As Faith’s words sink in, Iain understands the distress he’s caused, but later, when confronted with a hairy situation in the company of her son Luka (played by show regular Tom Mulheron, who also starred in series two of Slow Horses), will he exercise caution?

Iain steps up to support Teddy.
Is Iain’s risk-taking out of control? (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Stevie Nash speaks her mind

Stevie could never be accused of being backward in coming forward, so it should come to no surprise to Siobhan when she has an encounter with new board member Jamie Cleveland (Ryan Hawley) and demands more agency staff.

Siobhan is shocked when Jamie heeds Stevie’s request and goes over her head to get fresh staff, which leads to a confrontation between the newly appointed clinical lead and manager Jamie.

Shortly afterwards a stressed, sapped and sleep deprived Siobhan gives Stevie a sharply-worded piece of her mind too!

Will Stevie retaliate?

Stevie speaks directly to Jamie.
Siobhan is furious when Stevie speaks directly to Jamie.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Also in Casualty this week

Rida is in high spirits and ribs Jodie Whyte (Anna Chell) about how she and paramedic Teddy are turning into an old married couple. She’s also adept at winding Dylan up!

Rida is a ray of sunshine on a difficult shift.
Rida is a ray of sunshine during a difficult shift.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Cam Mickelthwaite’s (Barney Walsh) confidence is in his boots following a deeply affecting tragedy on the previous shift. It doesn’t help that Siobhan is tetchy and irritated by his lack of initiative. Downhearted, he opens up to Jamie and begins to feel a bit better — until he gets an unexpected call.

His home has been flooded during the storm and will be uninhabitable for weeks. Housemate Rida quickly organises accommodation for herself and Jodie, but Cam insists he’s okay. But where does he plan to live?

Cam is placed in an uncomfortable situation.
Cam is placed in an uncomfortable situation.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

As Dylan laments Dervla being on her own while he’s trapped in the ED, Ngozi is confused as to why his girlfriend can’t fend for herself to Stevie and Rida – who don’t correct her assumptions that Dervla is human. There’s fun to be had here!

Ngozi has so many questions about Dylan.
Ngozi has so many questions! (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Stevie realises that life is short while treating Miles Rowson (James Reynolds) who has been admitted to the ED alongside his wife Sara (Laura Hanna, Heartstopper). Will she relent and give fireman Rich Walker (Michael Keogh) a call?

Stevie takes stock after a difficult shift.
Stevie takes stock after a difficult shift.  (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Rida reveals the winner of her storm bingo challenge, to the victor’s dismay!

And we learn a lot more about how mystery man Jamie operates through his encounters with Stevie, Cam and Siobhan…

Jamie rolls up his sleeves, surprising many of the ED staff.
Jamie demonstrates that he’s prepared to roll up his sleeves and muck in. (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Barney Walsh on Cam’s secret past with Jamie

Casualty’s shocking summer trailer for Storm Damage

Casualty episode Sinking Ships – Day 2 airs on BBC1 on Saturday 22 June 2024 at 8.35pm. The episode is available on BBC iPlayer from 6am.


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