Casualty gets a new home — here’s everything you need to know

Casualty is known to skip around the BBC1 schedules to make way for other programmes and events, and fans have been worried that with the announcement of UEFA Men’s Euro 2024, episodes of their favourite drama may be kicked down the road until a later date.

Happily, we can reveal that the series isn’t going on an extended sabbatical for the footie — it’s simply switching from BBC1 to BBC2 on some Saturdays!

This move also coincides with the start of a new 12-part chapter called Storm Damage.

Please note: This is a live document and will be updated on a regular basis.

Why is Casualty moving from BBC1 to BBC2?
The Euro competition is being hosted by Germany and is a month-long affair, starting on June 14 and finishing on July 14 2024.

Matches will be available to watch across BBC TV channels and ITV channels for the duration — check out Euro 2024 Guide.

For a full and regularly updated record of all Casualty spoilers, interviews and news stories in 2024, check our Casualty Guide.

The latest updates, reviews and unmissable series to watch and more! 

When is Casualty on during the Euros 2024?

Casualty will be switching between BBC1 and BBC2 during the Summer due to sports coverage.

We will update this Guide with details of every episode of the medical drama airing during the Summer, so you never miss an outing to Holbyland — whatever channel it’s on!

The opening episode of Storm Damage airs on Saturday,  June 15, 2024, at 8.20pm on BBC2. (See below for more). This episode is also available on BBC iPlayer from 6am. 

What to expect in Storm Damage — warning spoilers

* In Casualty’s new 12-part box set, nurse Cam Mickelwaith (Barney Walsh) is floored by the most traumatic shift in his career to date. This is quickly followed by a blast from the past which leaves him reeling… Who is Jamie Cleveland (played by Emmerdale star Ryan Hawley) and what does he want?

* Perennial bachelor, paramedic Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson) starts enjoying a cosy home life with nurse Faith Cadogan and her clan, until their happiness is threatened!

* Consultant Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) catches the eye of firefighter Rich (Michael Keogh, Peaky BlindersEmmerdale). Is he the one – or one to avoid?

* Consultant Dylan Keogh (William Beck) gets hot under the collar, when Psych Liaison Nurse, Sophia, (Kellie Shirley, In the Long RunEastEnders) becomes a regular face on the wards.

* Paramedic Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) ups the ante to find his missing son, Blake.

* Junior doctor Tariq Hussein (Manpreet Bachu) struggles to support his cousin, doctor Rash Masum (Neet Mohan).

Casualty Storm Damage promo picture with Faith, Cam, Siobhan and Iain imposed against a stormy background.
Casualty’s Storm Damage season sees show favourites cast adrift on shocking new story arcs. (Image credit: BBC/ALISTAIR HEAP/MATT BURLEM)

Casualty — Storm Damage — episode guide

Sinking Ships – Day 1 —  Saturday, 15 June, 2024 at 8.20pm on BBC2

Storm Damage episode 1 of 12.

As a storm threatens Holby City, a tragedy forces recently promoted Band 5 nurse, Cam Mickelwaithe (Barney Walsh) to make a tough decision. Elsewhere, Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) makes an unexpected connection, while junior doctor Tariq Hussein (Manpreet Bachu) is determined to help his vulnerable cousin Rash Masum (Neet Mohan).

Elin Lloyd Harries, Kellie Shirley, Michael Keogh, Ryan Hawley, Paddy Navin, Steve Garti, Sarah Mhlanga, Finley Glasgow and Amy Chung guest star.

Sinking Ships – Day 1 full spoilers

Baby Chloe's life is in Cam's hands.
Cam is faced with his worst nightmare in Casualty episode Sinking Ships – Day 1. (Image credit: BBC Studios)

Sinking Ships – Day 2 —  Saturday, 22 June, 2024 at 8.35pm on BBC1

Storm Damage episode 2 of 12

Casualty is back at its traditional home on BBC1 for this episode, where the red weather warning continues unabated, leaving Holby is at the mercy of disastrous flooding and ruthless looters. Paramedic Iain Dean decides to pull a double shift – against the advice of his concerned partner, nurse Faith Cadogan- in order to support a nervous Teddy Gowan on his first day back at work. But when an exhausted Iain risks life and limb to rescue a man trapped in a submerged car, will he get out alive?  Elsewhere, Siobhan struggles to keep the understaffed ED afloat, while Dylan Keogh’s flustered by feisty psych nurse Sophia Peters!

Full spoilers for Sinking Ships – Day 2

Mersey Moore, Paddy Wallace, Gwion Glyn, Riad Richie, James Reynolds, Laura Hanna and Ben Walton-Jones guest star. Tom Mulheron also reprises his recurring role as Faith’s son, Luka Malinovksy.

Iain Dean is drenched in torrential rain.
Iain Dean dives head first into danger in Casualty on BBC1. (Image credit: BBC Studios)

There is no episode of Casualty on Saturday 29 June 2024, due to live coverage of the Men’s Euros 2024 on BBC1 and Glastonbury 2024 on BBC2.

Casualty is not airing on Saturday 06 July 2024 due to live Wimbledon 2024 coverage on both BBC1 and BBC2 from 11am until 10pm. See our TV Guide for more details.

Casualty is next expected to air on Saturday 13 July 2024, but this has yet to be confirmed. Check back for updates later this week.

Storm Damage episode 3 of 12 — TBA

We will publish more programme information and first look images as soon as they’ve been released.




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