Casualty confirms double episode after Charlie Fairhead exit

Casualty has confirmed there will be a double episode installment following Derek Thompson’s departure as long-running character Charlie Fairhead.

Saturday, March 23’s episode will be a double bill which coincides with the beginning of the show’s next set of episodes, titled ‘Breaking Point’.

This coming Saturday’s (March 16) episode of Casualty will see Thompson bow out of his role as Charlie Fairhead after 38 years in the role.

The specific details of Charlie’s exit are still under wraps, however, things aren’t looking too good for the character as last week’s episode saw the senior nurse practitioner stabbed by a troubled patient named Kyle and left in a life-threatening condition.

charlie fairhead, casualty

As the team rush to save his life, Charlie will be left drifting in and out of consciousness and reflecting back on the start of his career prior to working at Holby.

The storyline has also featured the return of Sunetra Sarker as Dr Zoe Hanna for the send-off episodes, as well as Ian Bleasdale, who plays fan-favourite paramedic and Charlie’s old friend, Josh Griffiths.

Whether or not Charlie will succumb to his injuries and be killed off is yet to be seen, however it’s understood that Thompson pitched Charlie’s exit story himself.charlie fairhead, casualty

Speaking about the storyline in an interview with What To Watch, Sarker called the episodes “a really great story” which highlights the issue of violence against hospital staff.



“It’s a really great story focusing on the violence in hospital workplaces and how it can be dangerous for the Charlies of the world,” she said. “After he gets injured, you see everyone working to save him and not let this be a sad ending.

“You’ll see Charlie on day one [in flashbacks with younger Charlie played by Jack Franklin], but how does he exit? Does he live or die? I don’t want to spoil it for the fans! I’m just pleased and proud to be part of his emotional end story.”

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