Casualty cast tease ‘explosive’ scenes ahead as character ‘fakes’ romance

Casualty cast tease ‘explosive’ scenes ahead as character ‘fakes’ romance
Casualty fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the long-running BBC Saturday night medical drama which has been off air for several weeks now.

With the promise it will be back on screens before the end of the year, it would appear that it will return imminently and three of the cast have exclusively teased upcoming storylines to Kirsty Mitchell (who plays Faith), Barney Walsh (Cam) and Sarah Seggari (Rida) took time to explain what fans can expect in the upcoming episodes, while they were attending the Inside Soap awards.


Sarah teased some explosive scenes ahead as her character’s fake relationship with Rash Masum (Neet Mohan) continues. She agreed to pretend to be his girlfriend to keep his dementia-stricken father happy, but it appears that it will take its toll.

“It gets explosive right from the start actually. Me and Rash go on quite a big journey so you’ll have to watch,” she laughed.

“I’m really excited to watch it because we filmed it so long ago and I’m way in the future of that storyline so it’ll be nice for everybody else to catch up with us and see what they think.”

Casualty’s Sarah Seggari has teased an explosive story for Rash and Rida (Image: BBC)

Barney Walsh as Cam in Casualty
Barney Walsh teased more heartache ahead for Cam in Casualty (Image: BBC)

The storyline is all the more surprising because she oringally refused when he approached her about the fauxmance.

“I know,” Sarah conceded. “But she felt really bad for him because he looked after her when she had the dislocated shoulder.”

Elsewhere Barney’s staff nurse Cam doesn’t appear to be getting a break anytime soon.

As one of the newer characters, viewers are still getting to know him but they have already seen him heartbroken as he nurses his unrequited crush on fellow nurse Jodie.Barney Walsh as Cam in Casualty

“He’s got a very nervous disposition and he finds it hard to talk to the ladies and there is more heartbreak ahead for Cam unfortunately,” Barney revealed. “Will he find love one day? Who knows? Let’s hope he finds his feet in the ED first.”


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Kirsty Mitchell as Faith in Casualty
Kirsty Mitchell has opened up about Charile Fairhead’s “emotional” final scenes in Casualty (Image: BBC)

Meanwhile, the biggest upcoming storyline is the departure of Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) who has been a show stalwart since the very first season. While Kirsty wouldn’t reveal how he leaves the show she did admit that it’s “emotional”.

“We’re shooting those episodes now and it’s emotional isn’t it?” Kirsty said.“It’s an emotional thing for the character. He is Casualty.

“He’s what me and my nana used to sit down and watch you know. She loved him. We’re all very fond of him.”

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