BRAVE LADY ‘Rooting for her so hard’ say EastEnders fans as Yolande makes decision about Pastor Clayton after sexual assault

EASTENDERS fans have rallied behind Yolande Trueman as she made a big decision in the latest episode.

The character – played by Angela Wynter – originally appeared in the BBC soap from 2003–2008 and made a full-time return last year.

Of late, Yolande has been grappling with her sexual assault at the hands of Pastor Clayton (Howard Saddler).

In Wednesday’s episode, released early on BBC iPlayer, Yolande attended the christening of Jordan Atkins, along with her friends and extended family.

Unfortunately Pastor Clayton was presiding over the ceremony and as expected, this made Yolande very uncomfortable.

This caught the attention of Denise Fox (Diane Parish), who noticed something was wrong and took Yolande aside.

Pastor Clayton made sure to intercept the conversation and smugly told Yolande: “I hope you didn’t say something to Denise that you’ll regret.”

After his victim confirmed she’d said “nothing”, the villain added: “That’s good. I wouldn’t want you making a fool of yourself, Yolande.

“In front of your friends, your family and in front of God.”

Later in the episode, Yolande had a heart-to-heart with Bernadette (Clair Norris), who’d almost given the ceremony a miss.

Played by Angela Wynter, Yolande made a full-time return last year
In light of all that’s happened with her brother Keanu, Yolande told her: “You have been through so much and it must be so hard to pick yourself up after…I think you are very brave.”

In response, Bernadette told Yolande: “You always know what’s right or wrong and you always speak up. No matter what. I wish I was more like that.”

This conversation seemed to spur Yolande on, as the episode’s final scenes saw her head to the police station.

Initially hesitant, she ultimately told an officer that she needed to report a sexual assault – her sexual assault.

Fans were behind the courageous character every step of the way, as one wrote: “I am rooting for Yolande so hard. PLEASE #Eastenders writers, make this one SA story line that actually ends with the perp getting sentenced for his crime!”

Another added: “…Hope that smug little creep b*****d gets what he deserves. #Eastenders.”

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While a third shared: “Oh God the Bernie and Yolande scene was so, so, SO special!”

What will be the aftermath of Yolande deciding to speak up – and will her bravery pay off?

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