Bold & Beautiful’s Taylor Returns With an Earful for [Spoiler] — Plus, a New Love On the Horizon?

Overreact? Who? Us? Sure, we (and not just we) freaked when it appeared that

The Bold and the Beautiful had written off Emmy nominee Krista Allen as Taylor.

But, in fact, the fan favorite and her beloved character are back the week of September 25 — for starters,

so that the shrink can lend an ear to son-in-law Finn. Two ears, as luck would have it.

Taylor has been sympathetic to Steffy’s estranged husband, but even she can’t be all like “Cool, whatevs” about the prospect of him having anything to do with his biological monster mother. Sheila tried to murder both Taylor and Steffy. Hell, she even shot Steffy’s late grandma Stephanie in the freaking back! This is not someone who should stand any chance of being added to festive family photos! Well, except for the one below.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Tanner Novlan, Kimberlin Brown finn sheila hayes steffy jpi bb

Were we to have our druthers, Taylor would not just be on hand to offer advice that sounds less homicidal than Li’s was to Finn. (Didn’t it kinda sorta seem like she was advocating for the doctor to, um, euthanize the menace to society?) Given our way, Ridge’s ex would exact a revenge plot against fickle Ridge and true-blue friend Brooke that would involve a Young & Restless crossover. That, or Taylor wouldn’t so much dip a toe into the dating pool as dive in headfirst.

What better way to show Ridge what a nimrod he was to let her go than to move way the hell on and live that great lyric from Maisie Peters’ uber-catchy “Lost the Breakup”: “One day… you’ll have to face it: I’m the greatest love that you wasted.” (Have a listen below; it’s quite the earworm!)


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