Bold & Beautiful’s Sheila Twist Just Put Everyone In Danger — Plus, In Defense of Thomas

There’s literally nothing I love more than when a soap manages to surprise me with an unexpected twist. 

Bold & Beautiful certain managed to do that this week,

when Friday’s episode revealed that Deacon shared a connection to the judge who’d set Sheila free.

But even before that, we got a pretty decent week of drama, so let’s start taking a closer look! 

Just Spit It Out!

I found myself laughing during Li and Finn’s scenes this week. I’m sure that wasn’t the intent, but the way they refused to say three simple words — “Sheila must die” — or even two — “Kill Sheila” — amused me. It reminded me of something that you often see on Twitter  (Sorry, it’ll never be X in my household!) where people say “Tell me you’re [fill in the blank] without saying you’re a [fill in the blank].”

Li Finn B&B

In this case, it was basically “Tell me you’re a Bold & Beautiful character without saying you’re a Bold & Beautiful character.” Because I honestly can’t think of any other show that is able to stretch what should be a simple line of dialogue into days worth of conversation. Wednesday’s episode ended with Li telling her son he had to “cut the chord” connecting him to Sheila forever. Then Thursday went something like this:

LI: She needs to be stopped!
FINN: I’ll do whatever it takes.
LI: Tell me you know what has to be done!
FINN: I’m going to fix this.
LI: Cut her out of your life!
FINN: Duh.

I mean, that’s not, like, direct dialogue or anything, but you get the picture.

The End of the Affair

Meanwhile, we had Deacon finally (supposedly) wising up and dumping Sheila. Somehow, Hope almost catching them together made Deacon realize that if he kept playing “Daddy” with Sheila, his daughter would cut her father out of his life.

This isn’t exactly news. I mean, Deacon knew this when he first helped her evade the law, and he’s known it since she got out of prison. Guess when it comes to Deacon connecting dots, he’s a “better late than never” kinda guy.

Deacon Sheila B&B

I actually loved the breakup scenes. For one thing, I was surprised to realize that I’ve actually weirdly come to like this pairing. Sean Kanan and Kimberlin Brown have fantastic chemistry. Plus, their scenes are almost always just a little bit raunchy, which we don’t see a lot of on daytime.

Now that Deacon’s a free man again — and Taylor happens to be returning to the canvas next week —  can we finally put these two characters together?

With A Twist

Obviously, the Deacon/Sheila breakup became even more poignant once it was revealed that he’d been the one to help get her released from prison. When I spoke to Judge Evan Scott’s portrayer, Michael Corbett, a few months back, he hinted that we’d see more of the character. But when he never resurfaced after Sheila’s hearing, I thought maybe it was just an actor misspeaking.

Judge Evan Scott BB

But instead, it was the best kind of soap writing. While this show usually hits us over the head with unsubtle “hints” that make it pretty clear what’s about to happen, that wasn’t the case here. Instead, Friday’s episode ended with the judge pointing out that Deacon must truly love Sheila if he was willing to pull strings to get her released. And of course, there sat Sheila, a few feet away, listening in (while simultaneously proving that Deacon really needs to have his peripheral vision checked).

Something tells me that knowing what she now knows, Sheila is going to set her cap on having her cake (Finn) and eating it, too (Deacon). And in the past, we’ve seen just how far Sheila would go for love, which could mean she’s now more dangerous than ever. Unless I miss my guess, everyone the would-be men in her life love is now in extreme danger. Could a November sweeps rampage — leading to a murder mystery — be on the horizon? Fingers crossed…

Kid Stuff

Douglas setting Thomas and Hope up, Parent Trap-style — was adorable. Henry Joseph Samiri isn’t just a cute kid, he’s a really strong actor who has repeatedly proven that he can handle pretty much whatever the show decides to throw his way. Definitely a rising star we should keep our eyes on.

But how, exactly, did Douglas pull off that whole scenario? Did Hope and Thomas both just happen to leave their phones laying aroundmand unlocked? Or did Douglas somehow hack into their phones… in which case we might want to be concerned. After all, this is Thomas’ son here, and it’s only a hop, skip and a jump from setting your folks up on a romantic date to framing someone for calling CPS!

Hope Thomas Douglas B&B

Meanwhile, I continue to marvel at what a great job the show has done at turning Hope and Thomas into a romantic pairing I actually find myself rooting for. Regular visitors to this space know that I was beyond frustrated by Hope suddenly having sex dreams about the guy who kept her in the dark — even for a short time, as his fans are quick to point out — regarding Beth being alive.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I can forgive Thomas where I will never do the same for Young & Restless‘ Adam. I think the difference is two-fold. First, Thomas did not actually steal Beth from Liam and Hope. Yes, he kept quiet for several weeks, and that’s horrendous. personally, I’d never be able to forgive him. But hey, I’m not a soap character.

Sharon Adam Y&R

The other difference is that while Adam has spent the last several years claiming that he’s changed, we’ve seen no actual evidence of it. While I’d have loved to have seen Thomas go through more therapy (we heard about it, but didn’t see much), we’ve definitely seen at least some evidence that he’s changed his ways.

Or maybe it’s just that they’re hot and I’m ok with that.

Random Thoughts

As I’d hoped, the Ridge/Eric fashion showdown is starting to encompass more of the canvas. It was fun watching the Logan sisters wind up on opposite sides of the argument when it came to Eric’s future. Good for Donna, standing up for her husband!

Eric Ridge B&B

I thought the writers did a decent job this week of explaining the problem with this whole fashion showdown thing. The same fashion house putting out two different couture lines at the same time would be great publicity — glad Katie picked up on that — but a potentially expensive nightmare. Also, they said the “buyers will decide” the outcome. But what happens to the buyers who prefer the line which isn’t selected? The only real solution — and where I’m betting we wind up — is that both lines wind up being wildly successful.

There was an awful lot of talk about Finn’s dad, Jack this week. I can’t help hoping that means we’ll see more of him (and portrayer Ted King) moving forward, especially if we are building toward a “Who killed Sheila?” story. Jack would make a great suspect!


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