Bold & Beautiful Brings Back Young & Restless Vet — With an Eyebrow-Raising Secret Alliance

Back in July, viewers watched as The Young and the Restless alum Michael Corbett (ex-David) turned up on

The Bold and the Beautiful as Judge Evan Scott.

Well, get ready for him to appear again on September 22 and 25 — and this time,

as reported by Soap Opera Digest, a secret alliance will be revealed.

Considering he released Sheila from prison, could the alliance be between him and Finn’s crazed bio mom? He wouldn’t be the first judge to get paid to sway a decision, and Sheila once told Deacon she had the means to set him up financially, so she could very well have paid him off.

But if not, who would want to see Sheila released from prison? Sheila’s old pal Mike comes to mind, but what would he have to offer the judge? Then there’s Finn’s dad… If viewers recall, Sheila had summoned him to the prison before her release and asked for help. But would Jack get the woman who helped to ruin his marriage and shot his son off the hook? If so, why?

Judge Evan Scott BB

Then there’s Deacon… could he have put any money Sheila gave him to good use to help set her free? Seeing as he was in prison himself, he may have crossed paths with Judge Scott in the past.

Or… could the unthinkable have happened? Could Finn have had a hand in Sheila’s release?

We’ll have to wait to see how it all unfolds but in any case, it’ll be great to see Corbett back in daytime once again!


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