Bold and the Beautiful Rumors: Steffy’s Revenge – Returns to Ruin Sheila’s Wedding?

Bold and the Beautiful rumors suggest karma is coming around for Sheila Carter. She spoiled the mood when she showed up

unannounced at Steffy Forrester and Finn Finnegan’s wedding.

Now that it’s her turn to tie the knot, will she experience the same fate? If so, will it be from the hands of Steffy?

Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila and Deacon Wedding Shocker?

Looks like wedding bells are ringing for Sheila Carter and Deacon Sharpe. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note the couple is looking forward to a life together, regardless of what people might think.

Deacon realizes he can’t live without Sheila. She’s the only person who accepts him even at his worst.

Deacon believes Sheila can change for the better. But given her track record, it won’t be surprising if she messes things up again.

Will Sheila Get Her Fairytale Ending?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for next week tease that Deacon Sharpe finally tells Hope Logan that he and Sheila Carter are an item. Not only that, but he’ll also advocate for his ladylove to Finn Finnegan.

Perhaps Deacon’s gestures are enough to push Sheila to let go of her dark side. Still, that doesn’t guarantee that she’ll have her happy ending.

Bold and the Beautiful rumors suggest Sheila’s dream wedding might be ruined by Steffy Forrester. She’s currently out of the country, trying to stay away from Finn’s delusional birth mother. Is it time for her to come home and seek her sweet revenge?

Bold & Beautiful: Steffy Slaps Sheila and Vows She'll Never Be Family |

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy’s Sweet Revenge?

Steffy Forrester may finally get back at Sheila Carter for all the chaos she’s brought to her and her family. B&B rumors assume she’ll get wind of her nemesis’ upcoming wedding to Deacon Sharpe and decide to come home.

Steffy could crash the ceremony and steal the spotlight from the bride. She might even try to stop the wedding out of spite. 

Of course, doing so will have repercussions. Sheila will not be happy if Steffy disrupts her big day.

Bold and the Beautiful rumors suggest the nine-toed villain may return to her vicious ways, even more dangerous than ever. That could spell bad news for Steffy and Finn.

It is worth noting, though, that these are mere speculation, so it’s best to take them with a grain of salt.

Is it high time for Steffy to seek revenge? Or would it be wiser for her to stay out of it for now on Bold and the Beautiful?


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