Belle trapped in Emmerdale house of horror as legend is left to die

With the truth of her marriage to Tom King (James Chase) on the brink of being discovered, terrified Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) doesn’t know what to do in Emmerdale next week.

With her family sussing that something is up – led by Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) – Belle sees an opportunity for escape.

But, ultimately she fears she will always be trapped – with Tom later luring her to an isolated cottage with a grim plot in mind.

And there’s trauma elsewhere too, with Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) left with a battle for life after suffering a serious heart attack…



Monday, July 1
Belle begins to panic as Charity, Chas, Mandy and Lydia question her on her relationship with Tom. Charity pushes Belle to tell her what’s really going on but Belle is angered by their incessant questioning and storms out.

Finding upset Belle outside the Woolpack, Charity kindly asks her once more to open up.

Belle tears up, but spotting Tom coming she shoves Charity and flees home in a panic. Charity’s incredulous as Tom shuts down her pursuit of Belle and insists his wife is struggling with her mental health.

Charity speaks to a worried Belle in Emmerdale

Hollyoaks legend ‘can’t even open mouth’ as she sustains injury at the gym
The other women worry that Charity overreacted and she frustratedly leaves the room, afraid she’s missed her chance to convince them that something’s wrong.

Back home, Tom’s face turns cold, and he makes a phone call to confirm he wants to interview for a job in Wales.

Cain and Moira reconcile as they promise to work as a team moving forward.

Wednesday, July 3
Jai admits to Laurel that he can’t face telling Suni the truth, leaving Laurel furious. Their argument becomes heated and Jai insults Ashley, and Laurel sends him away.

Once alone, Laurel feels dizzy, and she collapses on the floor. She’s frightened and barely able to move, her phone rings but she is unable to reach it. Gabby finds Laurel struggling to breathe and Laurel fearfully asks her step-daughter to call an ambulance.

Laurel collapses as Gabby calls an ambulance in EastEnders
Sitting Suni down in The Hide, Jai tries to build up to the conversation he needs to have despite his brother’s rambling. Incessant calls from Gabby cause Jai to snap, but he’s shocked to hear Laurel’s collapsed.

Caleb overhears that Ethan’s hit and run case will be dropped. Manpreet tries to placate Charles. Later in the pub, Charity notes to Caleb that drunk Charles is probably reluctant to return to a house which reminds him of Ethan. Charles accompanies Caleb back home, to Ruby’s alarm.

Josh convinces Sarah to join him for lunch, until they’re caught again by Moira and Cain. Sarah’s embarrassed when Cain sends Josh packing.

Thursday, July 4
Charles thanks Caleb for his hospitality. When the vicar accidentally spills coffee on the rug, fetching a cloth, he notices and pockets an intriguing invoice. Later that day, Charles insists on giving Caleb a lift into Hotten, which is uneasily accepted. Caleb is puzzled when Charles wells up with emotion and gets out of the car in a lay-by.

Concerned Caleb follows him. Walking through the woods, Charles reminisces about Ethan and questions the hit and run case being dropped. Doing his best to comfort, Caleb is confused when Charles’ expression hardens.

Caleb is caught in the vicar’s crosshairs over Ethan’s death…Laurel Thomas, Belle Dingle and Charity Dingle in Emmerdale

He tries to return to the car, but is stopped by increasingly angry Charles, who produces the invoice which suggests Caleb’s involvement in the hit and run.

Doing his best to placate the vicar’s rising anger and determination to get to the truth, what will Caleb say?

Matty sits in his cell in Emmerdale
Trying to get the lowdown on Matty, menacing Robbo doesn’t get much response. Les stares Robbo down, and gets him to move off, but Matty is left, more worried than ever.

Later, Les begins coaching Matty on how to act in prison. Concerned about how he is perceived, Matty asks Les about the
After testing out the advice his cellmate gave him, Matty risks opening up, and nervously tells Les that he’s transgender. After he questions Matty about it, and his decision to go to a male prison, Les confirms that he’ll mind his own business, but warns that others may not be so kind.

Paddy invites Marlon and Rhona to a games night but Mandy reveals her concern that Rhona is not the most exciting company and remains unimpressed by their evening plans. Mandy soon riles up the other members of the double date.

Friday, July 5
Paddy encourages weary Mandy to apologise to Rhona after their awkward night.

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