Belle makes a daring escape from Tom in Emmerdale spoiler video – but he is tracking her

Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor Draper) is in a dire situation, and she knows it. She recently discovered she’s pregnant with Tom King’s (James Chase) baby, her worst nightmare come true, and now she’s trying to deal with the impact of this news.

Her time in the crisis unit helped open her eyes to some of Tom’s behaviour as the therapist asked her some confronting questions.

She was forced home too soon by conniving Tom, who had drugged Piper to make Belle think she was dying and return sooner than planned. All to keep Belle spilling the beans to her therapists – which she was just a day away from doing.

But deep down Belle knows things are wrong in their relationship and upon learning she is pregnant she realises with every fibre of her being she does not want Tom’s baby.

Only Nurse Wendy knows she’s considering her options. Tom only found out she was even pregnant after he threatened to beat her senseless and she blurted it out to protect herself. He then made sure the whole village knew in another power move to keep her locked in.

Tom shouts at Belle at Dale Head in Emmerdale
It feels like there’s no escape (Picture: ITV)

But it hasn’t worked quite the way he anticipated as Belle is adamant she does not want this baby and realises she must find a way to sort the situation without Tom finding out.

Belle’s awash with nerves as she confesses to the midwife that she does not want to have the baby. She’s almost inconsolable at how she’s having to go about this, being unable to confide in her husband. She secretly calls a taxi to an abortion clinic but is disturbed by Tom and quickly cancels the call.

Tom compliments her makeup, and quick thinking Belle uses this opportunity to get him to take a photo – and in doing so, clocks his pass code.

When Tom leaves the room, Belle still has his phone and she quickly unlocks it with a plan to get at their money so that she can pay for the taxi. But as she looks through the phone, she is hit with the realisation that he has been tracking her.

Belle makes a discovery on her phone in Emmerdale
Belle makes a horrifying discovery (Picture: ITV)
Belle at the abortion clinic in Emmerdale
Belle makes it to her appointment (Picture: ITV)

This is a firm start to Tom’s unravelling, but it’s a terrifying journey ahead for Belle. She’s finally realised the true extent of his control over her, and he further cements it when she asks to use the car and he refuses.

But Belle’s resilience is gathering speed and she is determined not to be derailed by him. She digs out the spare key and prepares herself to make a secret getaway. She’s terrified, but knows she must get to the abortion clinic.

In this new video, we see the moment Belle’s plan gets underway. In the village, Amelia (Daisy Campbell) approaches Belle and chats about how much little Esther likes Piper.

Sparking an idea in her mind, Belle asks Amelia to walk the dog while she’s away for a couple of hours at an appointment.

Just as she drops some poo bags into the pram, Belle puts her phone in there too, meaning Tom will use the tracking app and believe his wife is out on a walk.

She then opens Tom’s car door and prepares to leave.

Belle makes it to the clinic but is crushed to realise what this has come to, as she tries to get her head around how her marriage has got to this point.

Will she go through with it and free herself from Tom?


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