BBC Casualty’s Rash Masum star teases deeply tragic storyline as Patrick Onley targets him

Casualty’s Rash Masum, played by Neet Mohan, is finding himself bearing the brunt of Clinical Lead Patrick Onley’s (Jamie Glover) wrath in the long-running BBC medical drama. The latest episode sees him accused of being the Whistleblower and his whole career is on the line as his competency is questioned.

Speaking exclusively to, Neet opened up about how Rash is feeling, which leads him to a terrible decision. In next week’s episode, the popular medic will attempt suicidMedia

“Patrick really puts it on Rash about the whistleblower, and he’s looking for a scapegoat and he’s looking to use somebody and Rash looks like easy picking,” he said. “That then just further spins him into this, this kind of spiral, unfortunately.”

Patrick seems to have been targeting Rash since he challenged him on clamping a vital tube for a patient a couple of weeks ago. Rather than sharing his concerns about the nefarious behaviour he had witnessed, he challenged Patrick in the elevator and the clinical lead seems to have taken it quite personally.

He continued: “I think there was a moment of putting him [Patrick] on the spot in a place where he can’t escape so that he can take a read on whether he’s honest, or dishonest. And then I think from that, there’s a moment to kind of push him on it.

“I think Patrick’s response is always just to attack and Rash, instinctively, wouldn’t attack. So I think he’s kind of trying to work out what he’s [Patrick] like. I think he was just trying to get more of a read on Patrick in that moment.”

Asked why Rash didn’t share what he had seen with others rather than tackling Patrick himself, Neet reasoned: “He doesn’t have the confidence in this moment, particularly, to really speak up about anything.

“So I think part of him not telling anyone right now is because he’s just being more and more isolated within the ED.”

Rash sadly hits a point where it all becomes too much for him. In distressing scenes set to air on Saturday, June 8 he makes a suicide attempt after he’s overwhelmed.

Speaking about the upsetting scenes, which the producers consulted the Samaritans about, Neet acknowledged that the show was trying to raise awareness.

“What we were trying to do was all about raising that awareness of a mental health crisis within society, and also within the NHS and [with] men – the numbers are just so heartbreaking.

“So if it in any way can help anyone, I think that was absolutely what we were trying to do. If we can, that’d be great.

“I think as well part of what we were trying to do when we were discussing this was how, unfortunately, sometimes we just don’t know what’s going on with people.

“And as much as someone might appear to be okay, they’re really not okay,” he said.

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