BBC Casualty’s Faith Cadogan issues brutal ultimatum to Iain Dean after life-changing decision

Casualty’s Faith Cadogan was left fuming with boyfriend Iain Dean after he risked his life to save a man from drowning in a car at the bottom of a lake

Iain Dean risked his life to save a drowning man and his daughter but Faith Cadogan warned him he was taking unnecessary risks
With Faith and Iain’s relationship on the line, BBC One viewers had plenty of thoughts to share as they were divided over her latest ultimatum.

Casualty’s Iain Dean (portrayed by Michael Stevenson) plunged into action in a heart-stopping episode of the beloved BBC medical series, but not everyone was cheering. The daring paramedic took the plunge into a lake to rescue a man trapped inside a submerged car.

Despite being off-duty, he had agreed to cover extra shifts to support Teddy Gowan (played by Milo Clarke), much to the dismay of his partner Faith Cadogan (acted by Kirsty Mitchell). In nail-biting scenes, Iain struggled initially to open the car door, but after resurfacing for air and diving back down, he managed to free the trapped individual.

Viewers were divided as Faith issued Iain with a brutal ultimatum during Saturday’s Casualty
Viewers were divided as Faith issued Iain with a brutal ultimatum during Saturday’s Casualty (Image:

Viewers were divided as Faith issued Iain with a brutal ultimatum during Saturday's Casualty

While many hailed him as a hero, Faith was far from thrilled, her concern fueled by memories of her late husband, Paramedic Lev Malinovsky (Uriel Emil), who tragically died in 2021 after being struck by a train while responding to an emergency. Back at Holby, she confronted Iain, and although she acknowledged Teddy’s need for him, she attempted to convey her deep-seated fears.

“I know you always go above and beyond for your patients and for your friends and for me. But you jumped in a lake and you’ve cut your arm and I’m grateful because it could have been a lot worse,” she expressed. “Remember what happened to Lev? Iain if anything ever happened to you I would just…” she trailed off, overcome with emotion.

As he sought to calm her fears, she said pointedly: “I’m not gonna stop worrying about it, am I? When you jumped in the water did you even think of me? It’s not just me, there are three kids who adore the ground you walk on and we come as a family and we’re your family if you want us.”, reports the Express.

“I just need you to stop doing stupid things, I need you to think and be safe and not do stupid dangerous things to the yourself,” she sobbed. Casualty’s latest heart-stopping episode left fans divided, with team Faith battling team Iain over his daredevil antics. @ASuperGav vented on X: “Don’t waste your time with him, Faith. He apologizes then does exactly the same thing again #Casualty.”

While @boniface_lyn gave unsolicited relationship advice, stating: “#Casualty Faith just Shutup laying down the law with Ian, you haven’t been back with him for long, he will get fed up with you….” @maxinecampbell3 called out: “Whoa, Faith hold it down love #Casualty.”

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KarenF040383 observed: “If Iain stopped doing what he does, he wouldn’t be Iain. It’s what Iain does risking everything. #Casualty.” Sympathy for Iain was shown by @TakeTheGap who added: “#casualty just want to cuddle Iain with his wet hair and puppy eyes right now as faith berates him.”

Emotions ran high for @RyanTheSoapking who reflected: “Lev mention #Casualty,” accompanied by a broken heart and tearful emoji. Actor Michael had previously hinted at the suspense-filled scenes in January with an Instagram sneak peek.

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