B&B Spoilers Speculation: Kristen, Rick, and Felicia Return for The Forrester Fashion War

B&B spoilers indicate that the fashion war between Ridge and Eric at Forrester Creations is only going to intensify.

The tale already is shaping up to be one of the best storylines on the CBS soap in years

because it is utilizing most of the show’s cast and is organically pitting characters against each other.

B&B Spoilers: All Hands on Deck

We’ve already seen how the battle between Eric (John McCook) and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is rippling throughout the show’s canvas. RJ (Joshua Hoffman) is not only involved in the story as Eric’s helping hands but also he’s stood up against his older brother Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and Ridge, reminding them that Eric is the heart and soul of the company.

We’ve seen Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Katie (Heather Tom) politely disagree on the merits of Eric stepping down and Ridge leading the company into the future. Carter thinks Eric is invaluable to Forrester; Katie is leaning into Ridge becoming more integral than he already is. They’re hardly arguing, but seeds are being planted for Carter and Katie, and pretty much everyone else taking a side.

Bold and the Beautiful: Making Something Great Even Greater

What will make this story even better is to have more of Eric’s children on the canvas so that they can either side with their dad or their sibling (Ridge) in all this. Bridget (Ashley Jones) is a doctor, but Eric’s other children, who have spent more time in the fashion industry, should be making their presence known.

We can see Felicia being loyal to her dad. She might want to do what her late mother (Stephanie, Susan Flannery) would do and support Eric in this battle for Forrester. Felicia’s a talented designer in her own right and could help RJ bring Eric’s designs to life. We also see Rick (Jacob Young) siding with his dad. He’s been in competition with Ridge in the past and, at times, has made a not-so-subtle dig that Ridge isn’t even a Forrester — he’s a Marone as Massimo (Joe Mascolo) is Ridge’s biological pop.

Kristen (Tracy Melchior) siding with Ridge would even out the playing field. Perhaps she could return to her modeling days for Forrester and wear Ridge’s showstopper? Or maybe decide at the last minute to don Eric’s? Ridge and Eric have decided to let their battle play out on the runway, so a Forrester should be right there as it’s unfolding.

B&B Spoilers: A Thorne in Their Side

Let’s not forget Thorne in all this. Like Rick, Thorne (Winsor Harmon) has been known to fight his older brother for a place in the company. Thorne is Eric’s firstborn. He should be on the scene supporting his dad. Also, Eric’s other offspring returning might also be a way to introduce the next generation. Felicia has a son, Dominick (AKA “Dino”) with Dante (Antonio Sabato Jr.), and Rick has a daughter Lizzie, with Maya (Karla Mosley).

The competition between Ridge and Eric has already reverberated into the existing dynamics on the canvas. The addition of Eric’s other kids would only result in greater drama and conflict. As this fashion fray between father and son will affect the whole company, it only stands to reason that everyone in the family should be present to see how it plays out. Nearly the entire Forrester clan has assembled before for big occasions (Stephanie’s death; the holidays). If anything is going to bring more people home, it’s this current fashion battle.

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