13 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Amy exposes Matty, Moira is seething and Manpreet is missing Charles

In Emmerdale spoilers for next week, Amy unknowingly exposes Matty’s identity secret and Moira is left seething after learning of Samson and Josh’s holiday plans.

Elsewhere, Manpreet tells Charles she misses him and Dawn is struggling after baby Evan is rushed to hospital.

All this and more in our Emmerdale spoilers for next week.

Matty talks to Amy on Emmerdale

1. Matty is hopeful
Having established that his cellmate Les has accepted him as a trans man, Matty is feeling happier. Amy visits him and tells him they have a new solicitor, and he is hopeful he could soon be out of prison.

Amy talks to Robbo on Emmerdale
2. Amy exposes Matty
Robbo approaches Amy after Matty leaves the visiting room, and Amy mistakes him for Les. Amy tells Robbo about Matty being transgender, unaware she’s put her husband in danger.

Robbo menaces Matty on Emmerdale
3. Matty’s in danger
Matty returns to his cell as Les leaves to see his solicitor. Once he’s left, Robbo arrives in the cell and informs Matty he’s spoken to Amy.

Robbo reveals he’s learnt the truth and Matty is terrified as he’s trapped in the cell with him.

Moira talking to Sam on Emmerdale
4. Moira learns of Samson’s plan
Moira is left angry after learning Josh and Samson’s plans to leave for their European trip sooner than originally planned and vows to stop them.

She bursts into the Dingles’ and confronts Sam about his son’s plans. Sam protests Samson’s innocence.

Later, Sam is convinced to allow Samson to leave after he promises to be back before the trial. However, Moira is on a mission to stop him from leaving.

Lydia watches as Josh and Samson talk on Emmerdale
5. Lydia grows suspicious of Samson
Josh threatens Samson and puts pressure on him to continue lying to the police. Their interaction is observed by Lydia, who appears to be growing suspicious of Samson.

Lydia later meets up with Moira and asks her for help. Will Moira help?

6. Dawn struggles to trust Billy
Evan spits up his medication while Billy is looking after him. The incident causes Dawn to lose trust in him.

Later, Billy returns home drunk after going out for drinks with Nate.

7. Kim covers for Billy
Kim covers for Billy’s absence but Dawn is still worried about Evan and he is later rushed to hospital.

Billy feels guilty about his lack of social distancing on his night out with Nate. However, Kim takes the blame.

Matty Barton, Moira Dingle and Manpreet Sharma in Emmerdale
8. Rose saves the day
Dawn forgets Clemmie’s birthday but Rose steps in and saves the day. She manages to successfully pull off a spontaneous birthday party.

Dawn and Will are extremely grateful for her efforts, but Kim is excluded and uninvited from the celebrations.

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9. Manpreet misses Charles
Things between Manpreet and Charles are very awkward, until she mentions she has missed him.

Can the couple get back on track?

10. Caleb wants Nicky back
Ruby and Caleb reconcile after recent drama. Caleb wants to persuade Nicky to come back to the village, but Ruby insists they should let their son go.

11. Rose wants out
Ruby meets up with Rose, who is keen to pull out of their deal. She feels there’s been enough family drama recently. However, Ruby is adamant she wants to see the plan through.

Can she convince Rose to continue with their plan?

12. Gail hatches a plan
Tension between Rhona and Mandy is still rife, following their disastrous games night with Paddy and Marlon.

Gail is keen for Rhona and Mandy to reconcile and organises a get together, but will her efforts pay off?

13. Laurel struggles
Laurel is recovering in hospital after her shock collapse. She is concerned that her decision to leave Jai hasn’t sunk in for him.

Is Jai holding out for a reunion with Laurel?

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